The role of the mind in dis-ease

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We hear from emotional trauma expert and renowned healer, Antonia Harman about the role of the mind in dis-ease

It’s well known that stress causes a multitude of diseases; the question is why? If we look at basic biology, we learn of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In short, when a stressful situation arises, e.g. there is a tiger on the horizon, we are designed to drop into our sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight. When activated all our energy goes to our arms and legs to get away or battle, we are in survival mode. If we make it, we then calm down. The blood and energy diverted to our limbs go back to our brains and our trunk (where our organs are), bodily systems, e.g. the digestive resume. The digestive system and other physical systems cease to function when stressed, which accounts for a plethora of digestive issues, etc. When we relax, the body continues normal function and any needed maintenance, rest and reset.

Unfortunately, with constant stress from all directions for many, the tiger never comes, and the tiger never goes. Many live in their stressed-out nervous system.

This, in turn, means their immune system functions poorly, as do most of their bodily systems. Finite resources are pillaged, resulting in dis-ease and premature ageing.

The key to good health

The key to good health is to be calm, at peace, forgiving the past, it’s avoiding constant news cycles, it’s planning (so you are not overwhelmed at the last minute), it’s exercise, yoga and meditation. Whatever you can do to minimise stress or purge it when it happens will help maintain good health.

Good nutrition is essential for two reasons:

1). So you have adequate fuel, a plane can’t run on petrol.

2). Toxins are additional work for the body, extra stress. Toxins take a percentage of your life force to excrete. I’m not a purist. I enjoy junk food here and there, but I tend to cook organic food from scratch and am a big believer in juicing.

Another stress that many have added in recent years is true-crime drama and horror movies, even Hollywood films with high death counts (if they stress you out). It’s vital to watch consumption, whether that be sugar or fear; they both compromise the immune system.

Less well-known is that specific stresses or overwhelming thoughts create stagnation and therefore pain in particular locations.

Let me give you some basics:

Shoulder pain – is about feeling burdened and guilt about having fun.

Back pain (general) – is about not feeling supported, that your life lacks structure, issues around responsibility and stability.

Middle back – feeling responsible for others, a blurred line between your issue and what is not. Humiliation, embarrassment, feeling dominated and controlled.

Lower back – financial responsibility, others needs, burdens and feeling under pressure.

Hips – are balance and moving forward, being flexible relationship problems, sexuality, confidence in personal relationships.

The body is a map you need to learn how to read it.

The same goes for disease.

The root of dis-ease

Repetitive negative or self-deprecating thoughts are the root of dis-ease. Please, when you think of the word dis-ease, it means lack of ease. What is causing a lack of ease? What are you fixated on? Are you holding onto situations from years or even decades ago?

Have you ever noticed that truly happy people rarely get sick? If there are situations in your past that you are having trouble letting go of my advice is to find a way to release them and move on. Be in the present not stuck in the past. Stuck in memories that jeopardise and block your joy right now, even your health.

Being able to identify where the blocks are is the first step. If you repeatedly have shoulder issues, what’s the burden? What is weighing on you? Is there anything that you can do to lighten the load? Can you delegate any tasks? Why have you taken on too much? Think of practical solutions to your burden. Then forgive yourself and all other parties if you can do all that, I promise your shoulder issues will ease.

We create our reality, warts and all. We must start to recognise that. When we become aware of this, we improve health and start to live a more fulfilling and therefore, a happy life.

Be the best

Happiness is more to do with your attitude to a situation than what has happened. Let’s face it; everyone alive has had tough days, weeks, months or even years. However, not everyone still focuses on them. Many can accept what has happened and move forward in their lives. The Buddhists call it non-attachment.

The more you focus on the bad things that may have happened to you, the more you block your joy today. So let it go, move on and be the best you.

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