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Adult woman with a hearing impairment uses a hearing aid to communicate with her female friend at city park. Hearing solutions, sensorineural hearing loss

Precision medicine: Sensorineural hearing loss treatment

Aarno Dietz, Professor of Otorhinolaryngology at Kuopio University Hospital, turns the spotlight on hospital precision medicine, focusing on the treatment of sensorineural hearing loss.
teaching an older person technology

Solutions for healthy ageing: how technology can make a difference

Professor Alex Mihailidis, Scientific Director and CEO of AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence, looks to improve wellbeing and healthy ageing in older people through innovative technology.
figure 1, Ultrananocrystalline Diamond

Ultrananocrystaline diamond (UNCD™) coatings for new generations high-tech/ medical devices/prostheses

Materials science, integration strategies, properties and more for the unique biocompatible Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (UNCD™) coating.
Virus in dirty dust smoke flow in the air Covid- virus 3D rendering - nanotechnology

How entrepreneurship industry saved COVID fighting nanotechnology?

Here Thomas J. Webster, Ph.D. explores how Nanotechnology was crucial in the battle against COVID-19 and how entrepreneurship helped it thrive.

Remyelinating versus neuroprotective therapies for multiple sclerosis

Reducing clinical relapses and improving quality of life is at the heart of MS treatment; here Tara M. DeSilva explores the benefits of remyelinating versus neuroprotective therapies for tackling MS.
care home residents

Care homes: Data and digital readiness

Lucy Johnston, Senior Research Fellow from Edinburgh Napier University, sets out how care home residents could benefit from data-driven innovative approaches to care.
Van parked up on grassy area; adults and children sitting and standing around it participating in outreach event

You Don’t Get Me: Public Responses to Mood and Behaviour Monitoring Wearable Technology

A diverse group of researchers opted for a unique, unorthodox approach to gathering opinions on mental health, relationships and wearable technology that can monitor mood, behaviour and relationships.

Neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis: retinal imaging as a biomarker

Therapeutic strategies for multiple sclerosis reduce the number of relapses and improve quality of life early in the disease course, nevertheless, neurodegeneration ultimately gives rise to permanent disability.

Digital innovation in healthcare

Now is the time for digital innovation, argues Professor Ceire Costelloe at the Institute of Cancer Research, who argues that healthcare is ready to adopt digital transformation.

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