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EU member states vote on hormone-disrupting chemicals criteria

A list of criteria relating to hormone-disrupting chemicals has been approved by member states, edging closer towards regulation

Why apprenticeships are a vital part of our industry

There has never been a more exciting time for apprenticeships in the UK. Here Clair Prosser at BSRIA explains more about the recent Apprenticeship Levy

Manufacturers warn cuts may occur due to Brexit uncertainty

A lack of clarity over the direction of Brexit negotiations could see UK manufacturers forced to make difficult cuts

The EU Action Plan against wildlife trafficking

Much has already been achieved when it comes to wildlife trafficking, but the hard part is still to come, says Colman O’Criodain and Emilie van der Henst

What’s new in Parkinson’s rating scales?

Parkinson’s rating scales are a vital assessment tool, but have their limitations. Jennifer Stratten explains how and why the EPDA developed a new one

A roadmap of graphene on SiC

Rositsa Yakimova, of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) highlights the strides being made in graphene research

Is aviation climate policy heading in the right direction?

Cait Hewitt, Deputy Director of the Aviation Environment Federation looks at aviation emissions and whether we’re on course to tackle them

HIV transmission stigma still persists despite scientific evidence

A new campaign from the Terrence Higgins Trust aims to debunk some of the myths and beliefs surrounding HIV

Why you shouldn’t ignore environmentally friendly construction

Reconomy's Richard Walker shares the value of environmentally friendly construction and why everyone should continue to push the green agenda

NHS bosses backtrack on controversial budget cuts

Backlash for plans to save money by delaying operations, treatment and closing wards sees NHS bosses do a u-turn

Creating a modern transportation network for Canada

Marc Garneau, Minister for Transport in Canada outlines the importance of the transportation network for Canadian communities as well as the economy

Protecting nature: an ambitious action plan

Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries details how protecting nature, people and the economy is a priority in Europe

Cancer immunotherapy: Are we ready to take the next big step?

Sumith A Kularatne of On Target Laboratories, LLC highlights cancer immunotherapy as the treatment of the year to target cancer cells

National Science Foundation: pioneering change in the U.S.

Open Access Government highlights the work of the National Science Foundation and reveals the importance of continued funding for research and development

Securing large scale events in the aftermath of terrorism

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association, looks at some of the most effective methods of securing large-scale events

Leisure beyond the leisure centre

Cheryl Hersey of Action PR highlights how the role of leisure centres are changing to become key community hubs which deliver a range of services

Electronics and photonics: Key enabling technologies

Slovak University of Technology’s Professor Daniel Donoval highlights the scope as well as the influence of electronics and photonics in the modern world

Conservatives and DUP finally agree a deal

Following the snap General Election two weeks ago, the Prime Minister has revealed a deal has been struck between the Conservatives and DUP

Identifying pancreatic cysts that might turn into cancer

There are many challenges associated with identifying potentially cancerous pancreatic cysts. Here, Dr. Annabelle L. Fonseca et al explain

A springboard to the cloud: Putting a plan into action

Andrew Mellish, of Six Degrees Group Company Carrenza shares the challenges public sector organisations face when it comes to implementing cloud services

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