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As we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, it’s important to focus on positive mental wellbeing and promote confidence and stability in the workplace

The topic can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to staff in the workplace, as endless tasks fill our to-do lists. A priority as an employer, manager or CEO is to allow staff to flourish both personally and professionally. Not only will this benefit your business with regards to productivity and results, but more importantly, your staff will be happier and feel a sense of belonging within your business’ community.

To help your readers enhance their employees’ mental wellbeing, Paul Kelly of Kelly Turkeys has offered his top tips for instilling confidence and stability in your staff throughout the working year.

Personal milestones

It’s fair to say that many employees keep their personal accomplishments to themselves, rarely drawing attention to their own achievements. However, as an employer you should encourage your staff to express their goals and pride, letting others become aware of all team member successes, including those that have taken place outside of the workplace.

Whether it’s training for a marathon or earning an extra qualification, promote and celebrate notable accomplishments within the office. There’s more to your employees’ lives than work, so it’s important to incorporate outside factors into day to day discussions. This shows that you care for your employees’ work-life balance, an essential ingredient within any successful organisation.

Recognising staff accomplishments

It’s also important to consistently motivate your staff, with the celebration of in-house accomplishments being an incredibly powerful method of doing so. With access to emails, employers often turn to a quick email message to give a ‘well done’, however, we should start thinking beyond this; taking the time to consider unique ways of appreciating your employees will be an incredibly worthwhile investment.

Bring your staff together and celebrate an accomplishment in front of everyone, no matter the size. This way your staff will feel confident, cared for and will become an even stronger team.

Gifting employees

The first thought that comes to mind when ‘gifting’ employees undoubtedly surrounds financial rewards. As much as we’d all like to have bonuses added to our pay cheques, the act of gifting far surpasses this. Stability in an office is crucial for it to function at its best, therefore pleasing your staff and showing how much they mean to you is a must if you’re hoping to add to this.

Look at getting your staff regular, small gifts or bigger gestures that you know they’ll appreciate; for example, KellyBronze Turkeys are traditional gifts that highlight your grounded approach to business. Thinking outside of the box with ideas like this shows a personal touch that’ll far exceed their expectations, especially as we prepare for the Christmas period, a time dedicated to embracing the people that surround us.

Promote within

A simple yet effective mental boost for staff is knowing that they have room to grow in your company. Not only does this help with stability in the workplace but it gives your staff something to aim for; a work goal if you like. From this, you could see an increase in the morale of your team, added enjoyment within the workplace and more passion towards your company.

Utilise every team member

The next time you’re working on a big scale project think about asking staff members who are perhaps lower in the company for their thoughts and opinions. Not only will this allow you to gain more insight from a variety of team members, but it gives staff a sense of importance knowing their opinions will be valuable for a project they’d usually not be involved in.

This also gives them the opportunity to learn more about the company and what they can expect to be involved in should they be promoted one day. This again adds to their overall confidence and understanding of the business model – something all staff should be involved in.


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