Crown Commercial Service explain enabling the best pricing on core services for the public sector by looking at the Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement update

In December 2022, Crown Commercial Service (CCS) awarded a new Mobile Voice and Data Services (MVDS) agreement – with improved mobile options and transparent pricing.

The agreement replaced Network Services 2 – Lot 6 and covers the full spectrum of mobile usage across the public sector, from small users such as schools all the way to large government departments.

A four-lot structure provides options on how a customer can buy its core service (airtime) requirements, which includes a commoditised catalogue. The catalogue ordering option enables simplification of the customer journey and is supported by a new free mobile standard tariff price comparison tool that calculates potential savings.

Mobile Voice and Data Services will be live for two years with two optional extension periods of one year. There is no maximum duration for call-off contracts.

Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement innovations

As mobile phone use continues to mature, CCS has created commoditised product offerings within the agreement to allow customers to select standard requirements that have targeted prices. This helps to reduce the time to develop requirements and compare supplier offers, whilst minimising overspend and out-of-bundle charges.

What do the innovations offered include?

  • eSIM advanced technology enables seamless change of networks over the air without the need for a physical “SIM swap” to minimise the effort to migrate from one supplier to another.
  • MVDS is a multi-supplier/Lot framework agreement with an enhanced future-proof scope covering the full life cycle of mobile services. It provides improved mobility options delivering against work/life balance objectives and smarter working to support increased productivity.
  • It provides customers with maximum nationwide coverage through a choice of access to all 4 (EE (BT Group), Virgin Media O2, Vodafone and Three via Gamma) Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) networks either directly or through a number of Mobile Network Virtual Operators (MVNOs).
  • The design of the framework gives the customer transparent pricing, greater control and choice over their purchasing decisions, which can result in significant savings of c. 60% for core airtime services.

Lotting structure

The lots comprise:

  • Lot 1 Mobile Voice and Data Solutions Catalogue.
  • Lot 2 Mobile Voice and Data Solutions.
  • Lot 3 Telecommunications Audit and Health Check.
  • Lot 4 Professional Support Services.

CCS customer & supplier engagement

The Mobile Voice and Data agreement has been designed and developed using an extensive discovery and consultative process with many CCS customers, suppliers, and partners.

We hosted several successful engagement days and webinars prior to launching the framework. The new framework reflects and represents their expectations and provides the platform to grow the economy with the right mix of quality and innovative suppliers, including SME providers.

The new agreement aims to build on the progress made in making it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to become suppliers. Ten suppliers have been awarded a place on the agreement, 60% of which are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Customer webinars to support the launch of Mobile Voice and Data

Our category experts will hold a live webinar on Thursday, 27th of April, to support the launch of Mobile Voice and Data. Click here to secure your place.

If you have any questions about buying through the Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement, please get in touch.

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