Wylfa, nuclear power station
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National law firm Clarke Willmott is calling on businesses to develop their capabilities in the wake of news that operations at the planned Wylfa nuclear power station in Wales were suspended

Whilst a serious blow to the country’s nuclear power programme, businesses eyeing the industry for work contracts should use this as an “opportunity” to make themselves fully prepared for the demands of operating within the nuclear sector. That’s according to Dale Edwards, nuclear infrastructure specialist at Clarke Willmott. 

Horizon Nuclear Power is suspending its UK nuclear development activities at Wylfa, Anglesey and work in Oldbury, following the decision by parent company Hitachi to pull out of the current programme.

Commenting on the announcement, Dale Edwards said: “The decision to suspend operations at the planned new nuclear power station at Wylfa in Anglesey, whilst disappointing, is not totally unexpected.

“It is only right that for a project of this magnitude, complexity, time duration and cost that all the key stakeholders need to be in complete alignment.”

Mr Edwards points out that Hinkley Point C in Somerset faced similar considerations a few years ago but that the build is now progressing well, with local businesses and the regional economy benefitting from billions in work packages connected to the site.

He also urged firms who are either already working on new nuclear infrastructure projects or have been considering entering the sector to not be despondent.

“The Wylfa delay could, in fact, be seen as an opportunity for those UK businesses wishing to build their capabilities to successfully bid for major infrastructure and nuclear projects to have additional preparation time,” he said.

“I feel confident that Wylfa will ultimately get the green light as new nuclear forms part of the Government’s long-term low carbon energy strategy.”


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