Photocopiers and printers
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Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd looks specifically at photocopiers and printers when it comes to the ambition of sustainable IT in the 2020 office

For all its bad bits, 2020 has been positive, highlighting how mankind needs to rapidly progress thinking and actions, around cleaner lives and working conditions. Working long hours in a closed office environment may well be a thing of the past, but for those still committed to that environment and those attending on a less frequent basis, there are facts you should know!

Photocopiers and printers

The majority of printers, photocopiers and the like, let’s group and call them MFDs for short (that’s Multi-Function Devices), use laser technology to put an image onto a piece of paper. Efficient they may be, in giving a nice sharp image, but part of the laser-based process creates all sorts of non-environmental concerns:

Electric use

They’re basically a little “heater” in the office, typically using up to a huge 2kw of power.


There are electrostatic charges occurring all the time, giving off harmful ozone particles. OK, so there are ozone filters built in to protect you and the atmosphere, but how sure are you that those are regularly cleaned and/or replaced?

Waste materials

Lots of essential moving parts are needed to keep the quality of the image as you’d expect. These parts need regularly replacing along with the toner consumables. The typical waste produced for every 100,000 pages printed (this relates to toners and components themselves like imaging drums, fusers, transfer belts, etc., together with their respective packaging) looks like a 6ft high mountain or pyramid. Some are recyclable of course, but some are not! Don’t forget, all these parts have to be made somewhere, packaged, then physically shipped to the machine for a replacement – and an engineer has to attend for the same, taking the old parts with him/her and any packaging etc. (or maybe he/she leaves them for you to dispose of!).

Air quality

Because of the “heaters” in a Laser MFD, and the electrostatic charges tending to attract dust particles, etc., the machines need built-in electric fans to help cool and constantly “flush” them out. Again, filtered but just think! Each machine potentially sucking in the ambient office air, mixing it with accumulated dust, etc., then blowing it back out into the office. Any dust, bugs, viruses, etc., all blown around the office at the same time, too!

Is there a better way?

The paperless office, I hear you say – well, why not? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

I can tell you, though, I’ve been hearing about this “Nirvana” for nigh on 40 years and I’m all for it – but it hasn’t happened yet and, as far as I can see, won’t for the foreseeable future either!

So, what is being done in the meantime?

The solution for sustainable IT in the 2020 office

Well, Epson has paved the way, so far, by committing to a sustainable future, globally and introducing the most environmentally-friendly MFDs ever seen. The technology is Business InkJet and Epson hold the worldwide patents for the process that is potentially world-changing:

  • No heaters, so about 1/50 th of the electricity consumed.
  • Minimal waste, only four fully recyclable bags versus 6ft high mountain of mainly non-recyclable rubbish.
  • No electric fans, so no air movement and more importantly, no bugs/viruses constantly blown around your office.
  • Minimal moving parts, so high reliability and less intervention required.
  • Consistent high quality and the ability to produce pages up to four times faster than the equivalent laser technology.

To recap: Upgrading your laser office MFD to a Business InkJet Epson from Crispin Associates will save money, reduce waste, reduce air-transmitted content, reduce engineer/service calls and speed up your print process. To learn more about the Epson WorkForce Pro, click here.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. You may even find your running costs have reduced too, as the average cost of servicing is reduced compared to an equivalent laser.

Crispin Associates embraced the sustainability ethos some years ago and are steadily converting their existing and new clients away from traditional laser MFDs, across to the “heat-free” technology uniquely offered by Epson. Some of the savings realised are hard to believe: One construction company has saved 1800kg of carbon and nearly £100,000 financially, by upgrading 30 machines; one Primary School saved 60kg of carbon and £12,000 financially, by upgrading only two machines; a Serviced Office provider saved 1,320kg carbon and over £12,000 financially, by upgrading their machines — all fantastic, but true! Epson leads the way in terms of Global Change for The Good, with science-based targets and a Commitment to Environmental Conservation. Greenhouse gas reduction, for instance, is fully in line with the Paris Agreement.

Why choose Crispin Associates and Epson?

So why Crispin Associates and Epson? Well, Dave has a great team and 40 years of personal experience in supplying and supporting cutting-edge MFD technology. Epson is the “best of the best”, in terms of manufacturer commitment to sustainability and whole-life carbon view, together with its purpose-focussed and value-driven Pro MFD range.

For those wishing to upgrade their traditional Laser MFDs to a new sustainable business inkjet, procurement, leasing plans and service support, for the full Epson Pro range, are available through Crispin Associates throughout the UK and Ireland.

How do Crispin Associates see it? “Everybody should link their IT with their Sustainability Strategy – one can’t afford not to do this”! See the CA PRINT ADVERT.

It’s fair to say, Crispin Associates are different from other copier suppliers, but their difference is good – and their difference makes a difference. Get in touch to see how you, too, can do your bit and get advice on the MFD aspects of Sustainable IT.

Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd. Official and authorised UK partner for Epson professional print range.

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