Digital solutions are opening the door to remote patient monitoring, as Nouveal e-health’s e-fitback app demonstrates

Over the past few years, several issues have been raised in the health sector: Rising expenses, saturated healthcare centres, avoidable readmissions, patients getting more involved in their care, and healthy ageing. The European Union has been addressing these concerns through its 2010-2020 plan for health. Simultaneously, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become more widespread in healthcare.

In order to address these key issues, Nouveal e-health has been developing a remote patient monitoring solution called e-fitback to put ICTs at the forefront of healthcare. In a few words, e-fitback is an e-health solution that is available on the web, via electronic tablets and smartphones (App Store and Google Play) and has been designed for use by both patients and healthcare professionals. It is currently used to enhance day surgery and is about to be applied to many other fields, including psychiatry and oncology.

What is e-fitback and how does it add value for healthcare centres?

For healthcare centres, e-fitback automates many time-consuming tasks such as administrative paperwork, and phone calls before and after surgery. e-fitback also allows for better priority management by highlighting patients who need particular attention from the healthcare team. This solution also includes an analytical tool to assess protocols’ efficiency and therefore track and increase patient satisfaction.

As for patients, they are assisted through their whole pathway, from pre-admission to the end of their recovery. Back home after the first appointment with the surgeon, patients create their ID, log into the application and start the pre-admission paperwork directly via e-fitback, without having to return to the healthcare centre.

They also receive pre-operative information regarding their surgery: Information about how to be well prepared, about their recovery, and checklists to ensure they are ready for their operation to help to avoid cancellations. Back home, patients receive medical questionnaires to fill in about their condition. According to their answers, an alert is triggered and sent to the medical staff in charge of the e-fitback follow-up. Patients are then taken care of accordingly, depending on the level of the alert which is triggered, to prevent further complications and re-admissions.

During the entire pathway, patients can use the app’s messaging service, where media are redeveloped to ensure the confidentiality of the exchanges. This way the remote patient follow-up is entirely secure as they are constantly monitored by the solution.

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