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Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has announced that councils will receive a further £112 million to go towards the governments rough sleeping programme

The rough sleeping programme was launched in 2018 to get vulnerable people off the streets and provide the support they need to rebuild their lives.

This new funding will go towards 6,000 new bed spaces and 2,500 support staff across the country. It will also provide access to mental health or addiction services and advice on how to secure a home in the long term.

Nationwide fall in rough sleeping

The initiative has already helped thousands of people to get off the street. Since the launch of the programme, the country has seen the first nationwide fall in rough sleeping in a decade.

Robert Jenrick MP said:

“No-one should have to face a night on the street and we have a moral duty to support those who need help the most. It is encouraging to see more people getting the support they need, but there is always more to do.

“We are focusing relentlessly on this issue and our efforts have already led to the first nationwide fall in rough sleeping in a decade – and the areas funded by our Rough Sleeping Initiative have seen rough sleeping numbers fall around a third more than they would be without this vital programme, but we need to go further.”

Bringing an end to homelessness

The continued work aims to bring an end to homelessness by the end of this parliament.

Homelessness Minister Luke Hall said:

“There are people all over the country working tirelessly to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. Our Rough Sleeping Initiative is proving to be successful, and this funding will mean this vital work can be continued as we set out to end rough sleeping once and for all.”


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