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A street of boarded up derelict houses in Liverpool

Nobody’s Home: How can councils get empty homes back into use?

With the cost-of-living crisis at an unaffordable high, councils need to address empty homes and how they can benefit from having new occupants.
higher rent, higher minimum wage

Higher minimum wage can lead to increased rent prices

While higher minimum wage has been connected to improved quality of life, US data finds that fewer people tend to default on their rent payments - making landlords raise rent prices.
vaccinating rough sleepers

Vaccinating rough sleepers with £28 million government funding

The government is aiming to vaccinate those who are homeless and sleeping rough with the Protect and Vaccinate scheme, relocating people on the street to safe accommodation over winter.
emergency shelter

Time for government to ‘Move-On’ with strategy to keep rough sleepers safe

Tony Perkins, Chief Executive at LHA London Ltd, calls on the Government to provide more emergency shelter to the homeless during the new lockdown and bitter cold weather.
street children

Poverty focus: Empowering mothers of street children

Emily Malcolm from Toybox argues that empowering mothers of street children through business has important ripple effects to change the future for generations to come in this fascinating poverty focus.
homes for rough sleepers

£150 million to fund 3,000 new homes for rough sleepers

Backed by government investment of more than £150 million, 3,300 new long-term homes for rough sleepers will be made available by the end of March 2021.
substance abuse, homeless youth, ai algorithm,

AI algorithm to identify homeless youth at risk of substance abuse

Researchers at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to help identify homeless youth at risk of substance abuse.
policing homelessness

Policing homelessness: The mental health of an isolated community

Researchers look at the public health impact of policing homelessness in the Colorado area.
poor housing conditions

Poor housing conditions have damaging affect on cardiovascular health

According to a new study, people who are homeless or live in poor housing conditions may experience 60-70% higher rates of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure.
rough sleeping programme

Rough sleeping programme receives £112 million funding boost

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP has announced that councils will receive a further £112 million to go towards the governments rough sleeping programme.
exclusion in a cashless society, most popular payment methods 2018

8.17 million people at risk of exclusion in a cashless society

Exclusion in a cashless society is becoming our reality, with eWallets, cards and bank transfers surviving as the most popular payment methods in 2018.
Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards: At the frontline in the fight against homelessness in the UK

Jennifer Duncan, Director of Government and Public Sector at Mastercard details why prepaid cards are at the frontline in the fight against homelessness in the UK
homeless community

New approach to engaging rough sleeping and homeless community

Public Health England South West coordinated a multi-intervention day with local healthcare providers, charities and services to provide TB screening for the rough sleeping and homeless community.
living with mental illness, rough sleepers

£1.9 million for rough sleepers living with mental illness

Adults who are sleeping rough and living with mental illness or substance misuse will benefit from £1.9 million funding to improve their access to vital healthcare.
homeless veterans

Homeless veterans to be supported through £1 million boost

Homeless veterans will be supported through an extra £1 million boost, the Communities Secretary, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP has announced.
Funding for rough sleepers, housing minister Heather Wheeler

UK announces £26 million funding for rough sleepers

With this new funding, rough sleepers will receive tailored support they need to recover from life on the streets and find accommodation.
empty housing

How can the empty housing crisis in England be improved?

New research has shown that while England’s homelessness statistics are at a worrying high, empty housing across the country is also on the increase.
sleeping centres

£5 million funding awarded to help rough sleepers

Thousands of rough sleepers will be offered specialist support to aid them in recovering from life on the streets through new sleeping centres
rough sleepers

Funding allocated for councils to help rough sleepers

Rough sleepers will receive further support after the government set out plans to fund 83 areas with the highest numbers of people at risk over the next 2 years
rough sleeping

£100 million government plan to end rough sleeping by 2027

The government plans to help thousands of rough sleepers through a new £100 million strategy which focuses on moving people away from the streets and into affordable accommodation.

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