BullGuard cybersecurity discusses how we can connect with our children to make their online world safer

Safer Internet Day aims to encourage safe and positive use of digital technology among children and young people and start conversations about just how important it is.

Today’s generation lives in the digital world from the day they are born. With babies tapping on screens of tablets and phones as soon as the can move their fingers and children playing on apps rather than bikes but, there are major concerns about the dark, unpoliced side of the internet.

Safer internet day calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, companies, and policymakers and all those who work with children and young people to join together in helping to create a better and safe internet.

Cybersecurity leader, BullGuard has released a Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online that offer the following useful pointers:

  • Be open about the dangers such as ‘stranger danger’ and encourage the children to talk about their concerns.
  • Restrict young children’s use of devices to where the family gathers rather than in their rooms.
  • Use the internet together. Understand what it is that your children like, what draws them in and what they enjoy. This opens the door to talks about some of the things that are not healthy.
  • Be positive and embrace the technologies that your children enjoy and remember how much fun you would have had if these technologies were available when you were a child.
  • Actively engage with children online. Take time to explore the games and services that your children are using or want to use. It’s fun to join them in some of the games too, though they may leave you behind in a cloud of digital dust.
  • Look out for any safety features that may be available on the games and platforms they engage with and explain why these safeguards are important to encourage your children to auto-enroll themselves.
  • Consider using parental controls which will allow you to block inappropriate websites and discretely manage what your children are able to do online.
  • Try not to blame or punish children if they come across unsuitable/damaging content as it can be easy to find things and be accidentally lured in. Instead, talk to them and help them manage their feelings as it can cause all sorts of emotions.


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