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Singapore's world tallest vertex waterfall, The Jewwl terminal, using renewable energy

Clean energy investment in ASEAN countries needs transparency, says report

Greater transparency is needed in clean energy investment in Southeast Asia, a new report states, calling for more regulation of renewables and energy security.
bamboo forest

Supporting talent at the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)

Open Access Government unpacks some of the research support that takes place in the National Research Foundation of Korea.
Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore - 5th August, 2019: Visitors tour around the Rain Vortex inside the Jewel area at Changi Airport. It's the world's tallest waterfall at 130 ft in height and surrounded by a four-storey terraced forest. The Jewel complex and waterfall was designed by Moshe Safdie.

Transforming Singapore towards sustainable tourism and urban living

Sustainable tourism is becoming a bigger concept in Singapore, where they are prepared to address traveller needs and reconsider their carbon output.
Asian Market Animal

PANDASIA: Reducing the risk of zoonoses spread in Europe and Asia

Zoonoses – zoonotic pathogens spread between animals and humans – have been a concern of the international community since COVID-19.
Bangladesh, village Charburhan on the island of Charkajal, Bay, Gulf of Bengal: No country in the world is so vulnerable to climate change, flood plains, flooded fields than Bangladesh. These people have problems of flooding and sometimes they have to wait weeks on this mound, islet, waiting with their cattle that the water will drop. Because of global warming the country is becoming more and more flooded by the waters of the rivers, the ascent of the sea level, and the heavy rainfall during the monsoon. It are the poorest people who are most affected by these natural disasters.

Bangladesh flood: Mental health impact on Bangladeshi people

The Bangladesh flood 2022 and other climate-related events have a devastating impact on mental health outcomes in terms of depression and anxiety in Bangladesh.
SWAT Valley, Pakistan floods

“Cataclysmic” health emergency following Pakistan floods

The Pakistan floods have brought on a double burden of communicable, and non-communicable diseases, fuelling more inequality and health disparities.
China and Japan lights during night as it looks like from space. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA

The advancement of science in Japan

The advancement of science in Japan is a crucial aim of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
sunset in JiuFen, Taiwan

Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council

Open Access Government write about Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council and their important and ambitious targets.
Beautiful sunset in the area of Nalgonda, India in Andhra Pradesh - reflecting in rice patties below.

How do India’s protectionist rice export restrictions affect those in need?

Peter Bachmann, Vice President Policy & Government Affairs, at USA Rice, states that India’s protectionist rice export restrictions hurt the neediest the most.
Protests for Mahsa Amini

Iran protests the brutality of the ‘morality police’ over headscarf rules

The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini has influenced mass protests across Iran, after being killed by morality police due to headscarf rules.
sonar technology

MMA Global Aqua – Underwater sonar technology

MMA Global Aqua discuss their use of sonar technology for expert underwater surveying in the waters of Taiwan.
Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan climate change: One third of the country is underwater

With the death toll rising to over 1200 people, Pakistan suffers the burden of climate change with extreme floods.
A group of graduating student wearing caps.

Knowledge through scientific research for innovation

Prof Dr Preethi Kesavan, Head, School of Technology at LSBF Singapore, describes the role of knowledge generated through scientific research for innovation and future societal development.
rajapaksa, economic crisis, Sri Lanka protests

Sri Lanka protests prompt a state of emergency following an economic crisis

Sri Lanka protests have ousted President Rajapaksa over disputes of the worst economic crisis the country has faced since gaining independence.
Asia Analysis July 2022

Asia Analysis July 2022

We welcome Summer 2022 with our July volume of Asia Analysis, which includes a vast array of articles on several compelling policy topics.
fragrance rice

A decade after the most important gene of fragrance rice uncovered

Professor Dr Apichart Vanavichit, Director of the Rice Science Center, reflects on the decade since the most important gene of fragrance rice was uncovered.
early heat, heatwaves

Early heat in South Asia is 30 times more likely due to climate change

India and Pakistan and other significantly large parts of South Asia have experienced prolonged, early heat, due to extreme weather conditions and climate change.
health worker shortage, healthcare

Global health worker shortage could deny millions of people healthcare

Over 43 million additional health workers are needed to cover the health worker shortage globally, due to political unrest, violence, and lack of training.
inter-university research

Japan: Inter-university research to generate more knowledge

Prof Dr Preethi Kesavan, Head, School of Technology at LSBF Singapore, discusses how to promote academic and inter-university.

Artificial Photosynthetic Chemical Process (ARPChem) project in Japan: achievements and future challenges

Here, Professor Kazunari Domen, Shinshu University and The University of Tokyo, summarizes the 10-year ARPChem project conducted from 2012 to 2022 under the support of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

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