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Mariken van der Velden - Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden – Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden discusses her work as an Associate Professor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication Science.
Abstract crowds of people with virtual reality street display. This is entirely 3D generated image, digital public

Digital public services need to maximise their citizen user experience

The user experience is key to sufficient and operational digital public services, with the potential to reimagine communications and marketing opportunities.
Nokia Inks Deal with AST SpaceMobile — What Does this Mean for Connectivity?

Nokia Inks deal with AST SpaceMobile — What does this mean for mobile connectivity?

Mission impossible? Nokia and AST SpaceMobile are partnering to increase mobile connectivity around the world. In this article, we’ll explore how these companies plan to expand global coverage.
Dinosaur and Astronaut image - concept of evolution in telecoms

The evolution of your telecoms in the key to a successful future

Understanding where you are and knowing where you need to be are crucial in the evolution of your telecoms.
mom reading a children`s book to baby

A focus on communication and language skills

Rachael Amin, Educational Copywriter at Pentagon Play, explains how to develop communication and language skills in the early years and beyond.
BT Wholesale

BT Wholesale – telecoms service provider

BT Wholesale is the largest deployer of street level small cells in the UK, working in partnership with MNOs and local authorities.
Four yellow rubber ducks sitting in a row against a dark blue green background

It’s time to get your ducks in a row: keeping track of telecoms assets

Most people are familiar with the saying “to have all your ducks in a row” - everything properly organised and under control. However, when it comes to telecoms, this is rarely the case.
Futuristic Data center. Big Data analytics platform. Quantum processor in the global computers network

The road to quantum-enabled cybersecurity

Dr Francis Gaffney, Senior Director – Mimecast Labs & Future Operations at Mimecast, charts the road to quantum-enabled cybersecurity.
political unrest at a protest for black lives matter

How companies can support employees amidst political unrest

Worldwide and national crises and political unrest can threaten any organisation, no matter how healthy it is, here's how to deal with it in your company.
San Francisco City Hall local government

Redefining communication in local government and public sectors

There is a need for efficient communication in local governments and public sectors with staff, the public and other organisations. Here's how to attain this.
humpback whale

Whales can learn complex songs from whales in other regions

A cultural transmission: humpback whales can learn and memorise complex songs from whales from other regions.
data fabric

Recognising the human side of data fabric

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, explains what data fabric is and what are its benefits to public organisations and data professionals.
simplicity, messaging

Simplicity: Making complicated messages resonate with your audience

Simplicity of messaging is one of the hardest things to achieve, but it’s essential if you want to cut through to make an impact.
festivals, transformative experiences

“Transformative experiences” of festivals can help connect humanity

People attending festivals commonly report having transformative experiences – which researchers find to improve connection to humanity and willingness to help others.
multilingualism students, language learning

Link between multilingualism and better GSCE grades

Students who are multilingual – regardless of whether they are fluent or beginners in another language – scored higher in GSCE results.
community dialogue

How do you build dialogue with the community?

Following COP26, it is clear that local governments have a huge role to play in policy change and combatting socio-ecological challenges. To work towards global promises, they must listen to their communities, and here, we learn about innovative tools enabling them to do so.
digital ecosystem transformation

Achieving transformation by focusing on the digital ecosystem

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of workflow and data management within digital ecosystems when transforming services.
Fibre optic cables

Fibre optic cables fed through water pipes in UK broadband trial

Fibre optic cables will be fed through water pipes in a new UK Government broadband trial to connect more hard-to-reach homes.
brain remembers faces, grandmother neuron

Scientists discover new part of brain that remembers faces

Neuroscientists have discovered the closest thing to the infamous "grandmother neuron" - they have identified the cells responsible for how the brain remembers faces.
digital services act, DSA

The Digital Services Act is tiptoeing towards regulatory failure

Konstantinos Komaitis, Senior Director, Policy Development at the Internet Society argues that upload filters should not be part of the proposed DSA legislation.

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