Most people are familiar with the saying “to have all your ducks in a row” – everything properly organised and under control. However, when it comes to telecoms, this is rarely the case

It’s time to take back control

There are so many elements to think about and it can be difficult to keep track of telecoms assets, manage usage and control costs effectively, it’s time to take back control.

For example, have you considered:
• Whether your current telecoms estate is structured to support your business objectives
• How well your organisation understands the way it communicates
• The effects of a merger, acquisition, re-organisation, re-location or downsizing exercise, when operating from multiple locations, or constantly having to adapt to market changes
• The wide choice of available technologies and complacent suppliers, a rapidly evolving regulatory environment and frequently changing tariffs

The ISDN / PSTN switch off

Adding to these challenges, the ISDN / PSTN switch-off is one of the largest telecommunication events to take place in recent times, so it is important that your organisation is starting to plan and prepare now to avoid major upheaval and disruption when it happens.

The switch-off won’t just affect your phone lines, it will impact any equipment or services reliant on this type of technology. It is vital that you understand your current estate so you can make informed decisions on what to do next.

When speaking to public sector organisations we have found that most have no strategy in place for the withdrawal of their ISDN / PSTN services and with potentially less than three years left to make the necessary preparations, many are running the risk of a technological Armageddon, with new technology being totally incompatible with their current infrastructures.

Managing a successful transition

Many suppliers are offering their customers a cloud-based solution, e.g, VoIP or hosted IP telephony, however, this might not necessarily be the right option. Knowing what you currently have and focusing on what you really need going forward is the magic key
to a successful transition.

We can help you on your journey from dinosaur to astronaut because we see things that others don’t see. We can ensure you avoid the pitfalls of adopting technology that you don’t need and help you to make the most of your current infrastructure without the need for unnecessary financial outlay.

We understand that these are worrying times in more ways than one, but making the necessary steps now and keeping in control of your decisions whilst there is still time, will avoid stress and disruption down the line when the analogue systems are switched off.



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