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knife crime and gang, families who are vulnerable

£9.8 million to stop knife crime and gang culture

Community-backed projects in 21 areas in the UK will receive funding to help families who are vulnerable to the effects of knife crime and gang culture.
GPS tag for offenders, UK Justice secretary

UK enforces 24/7 surveilliance using GPS tag for offenders

UK Justice Secretary David Gauke announced the national roll-out for a new GPS tag for offenders, giving 24/7 location to protect victims from the same crime.
to protect shop workers, UK Minister for Crime

UK funding to protect shop workers from violence

Victoria Atkins chaired a meeting of the National Retail Crime Steering Group to discuss how to protect shop workers from abusive and violent incidents.
crime fighting technology, cyber crime uk

UK police want funding for crime-fighting technology

UK police call for funding for nationwide officer recruitment drive and crime-fighting technology to tackle cyber crime: read on to find out more Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) today published research showing that if more funding were to be secured for UK police forces, 85% of police officers, correction officers...
knife crime prevention orders, UK knife crime

UK Home Secretary: new Knife Crime Prevention Orders

The UK Home Secretary is changing the government’s response to knife crime and will be introducing new Knife Crime Prevention Orders to prevent criminals carrying blades.
keyless technology crimes, MoneySuperMarket

50% of drivers unaware of keyless technology crimes

In the age of integrating artificial intelligence, transport innovation and the successful hacking of major banks; Grand Theft Auto is outdated in comparison to car thefts done via keyless technology crimes.
fake medicines

UK seizes more than £2 million of fake medicines

A crackdown on fake medicines and medical devices by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has netted a haul of more than 1 million doses worth in excess of £2 million
Police force

The future of a technologically enabled police force

Andy Davies, Consultant, Police & Intelligence Services, SAS UK, discusses how the police force can gain an edge in fighting crime & preventing antisocial behaviour through the use of technology
digital crime

How can UK law enforcement join forces to combat digital crime?

John Wright, Senior Industry Director, Unisys details how UK law enforcement can join forces to combat today’s digital crime.
birds of prey

New technology launched to combat crimes against birds of prey

Raptor persecution maps for England and Wales will help police to identify substantial criminal activity against wildlife and birds of prey.
criminal money

Billions of criminal money laundered through cryptocurrencies

Three to four billion pounds of criminal money in Europe is being laundered through cryptocurrencies, according to Europol Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, estimates that about 3-4% of the £100bn in illegal proceeds in Europe are laundered through cryptocurrencies. Europol’s director Rob Wainwright has said that regulators...

Will the council tax hike be enough to keep London safe? 

The London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee publishes its ‘Response to the Mayor’s draft consultation budget 2018-19’ The Mayor’s key decision this year was to increase council tax by 5 percent to be mainly allocated to the Met and London’s fire service. But despite the extra cash, Sadiq Khan has...
Bitcoin hackers

Bitcoin hackers steal millions in ‘highly professional’ theft

Slovenian mining exchange NiceHash was targeted by 'professional' Bitcoin hackers who stole 4700 coins worth around $80 million
bitcoin crackdown

UK and EU plan Bitcoin crackdown over tax evasion fears

As the cryptocurrency hovers around the $10,000 mark, the UK and EU are threatening a bitcoin crackdown to prevent tax evasion and cybercrime
immigration centre abuse

Independent review ordered into immigration centre abuse

G4S has ordered an independent review into alleged immigration centre abuse as reports emerge of staff 'mocking and assaulting' detainees

Crime against businesses: What is your security strategy?

Tim Strawson, Managing Director of security solutions manufacturer Bradbury Group, analyses 2016’s crime against businesses figures, and offers his advice on how to keep your company safe

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