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combined heat and power, buildings

TED Gen: The Combined heat and power revolution

Here, TED Generation (TED Gen) explains how to improve the economic and environmental future of your business – using Combined heat and power (CHP) to decrease energy costs and rewrite carbon footprints.
mental health post pandemic

Let’s Get Digital: Supporting the Nation’s Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Tim Barker, CEO at Kooth discusses the crucial role digital solutions will play in the post-pandemic recovery, particularly regarding mental health.
October 2021 Asia Analysis

October 2021 Asia Analysis

In this Asia Analysis edition, we hear from UEYAMA Takahiro, Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, who details Japan’s 6th Science, Technology and Innovation Basic Plan: Society 5.0 in Pursuit of Peoples’ Well-being Based on Trust and Sharing.
post pandemic nation, public health england

Creating a healthier post-pandemic nation

Lockdowns, furloughs, and increased restrictions left many reconsidering their health and making positive changes to their lifestyle, discusses Ian Pocock, Managing Director, Research & Service Design, Engine Transformation.
Open Access Government October 2021

Open Access Government October 2021

The October 2021 Open Access Government is our largest online publication to date. The extraordinary coverage includes a multitude of policy issues worldwide, including mental health, COVID-19, health technology, research & innovation, international development, transport, environment and energy.
tobacco epidemic

The tobacco ‘endgame’: Is it possible?

Dr Eduardo Bianco, Chair of the Tobacco Expert Group at the World Heart Federation discusses the ongoing battle to end the tobacco epidemic, and how e-cigarettes may be part of the problem.

Piecing Glycoscience together

Frederique Lisacek from SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, discusses the experimental approaches towards Glycoscience and emphasises the need for collecting and integrating glyco-related information.
COP26 campaign, UCL climate

Together for Climate Action: UCL’s COP26 Campaign

Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environmental Policy, University College London, tells us about UCL’s COP26 Campaign ‘Together for Climate Action’.
photocopiers and printers

MFDs in Digital and Sustainable Procurement Strategies

Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd, continues discussions around the role MFDs, photocopiers and printers play in the ‘sustainable’ 2021 office.
natural hazards

Promoting the safety, security, and economic well-being of the U.S.

Open Access Government explore why it is important for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to conduct scientific research and development regarding the Earth and its everchanging processes.
Air traffic management

Air traffic management: Delivering the digital European sky

Open Access Government uncover how air traffic management is an essential part of European air transport and aviation, connecting cities and people as well as boosting jobs and growth.
health priorities in japan

Establishing health priorities in Japan

Investigating the current and future health priorities of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, including an increasing focus on cancer research.
diversity program consortium

What does a scientist look like?

The National Institutes of Health’s Diversity Program Consortium is building one of the most diverse health databases in history.
preventing dehydration

Preventing dehydration: Supporting care home residents to drink well

Experts Diane Bunn, Ellice Parkinson and Lee Hooper discuss the problem of dehydration particularly in care homes, first of all asking us to grab a coffee, tea, water, or juice before reading on...
sustainable blue economy

Europe’s sustainable blue economy

Europe ensures it implements circularity and restores biodiversity, according to Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius.
the atmosphere

Monitoring changes occurring in the atmosphere

In the latest interview with Open Access Government, the National Center of Meteorology tell us more about their priority areas, such as the importance of earthquake monitoring.
sustainable space exploration, james webb telescope

The possibilities of sustainable space exploration

Open Access Government reflects on the meaning of sustainable space exploration, with a specific telescope in mind.
vera rubin observatory, AST

How can the NSF contribute to a global understanding of astronomy?

Open Access Government zeroes in on some of the most powerful telescopes in the world – specifically the promise of new discoveries in the Division of Astronomical Sciences (AST) Vera Rubin Observatory.
mobility and transport

Mobility and transport across the EU

A look at the work of the European Commission’s department on mobility and transport, efforts to secure a more sustainable future for international aviation.
LIGO NSF, physics nsf

Do the intellectual frontiers of physics impact other sciences?

When it comes to physics, the US National Science Foundation (NSF) are prolific in a range of projects – but do their discoveries shape collaborative scientific capacity?

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