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cancer patients

Intelligent triage: a vital step toward resolving the problem of capacity in NHS cancer...

AI offers an opportunity to reimagine our approach to cancer diagnostics, leveraging data to build a more robust and efficient system for cancer referrals.
Doctors and nurses to consult in the corridors

Using AI, analytics and machine learning to improve NHS wait times

The country is struggling with extended NHS wait times for treatments, but new artificial intelligence and analytic solutions could be used to help resolve the crisis.
Hospital busy surgery corridor

Winter and beyond: the government needs basic technology to solve NHS challenges

Technology can help to address some of the biggest NHS challenges – as long as the latest government is able to harness it.
patient medical care with ai

How AI is transforming the future of patient care

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare is being transformed through AI and technology, improving patient care in the NHS and beyond.
doctor using tablet to contact patient for medical record

How virtual outpatient care can transform the NHS

Dr Bahman Nedjat-Shokouhi, founder and CEO of Medefer, discusses how virtual outpatient care is the future of the NHS and how we need to prioritise funding for digital technologies that can pave the way for elective recovery.
female dentist checking patient girl

NHS dentist visits decrease by 9.5% across the UK

2021 to 2022 saw an almost 10% drop in NHS dentist visits across England, due to COVID-19 restrictions and a lack of patient access.
Older patient on phone

Improving the inclusivity of NHS technology for digital patients

To ensure that new NHS technology does not overlook older patients, a survey has taken patient’s comfort levels of using digital services Despite NHS technology taking on a new form to address health needs from patients’ mobile devices rather than in person, a study finds that older patients still feel...
laboratory workflow testing, covid-19

Innovative automation supports laboratory testing workflow

Global clinical diagnostics company Novacyt introduce a new automated liquid handling system to meet growing demand for no manual pipetting in COVID-19 PCR testing.
bed availability

The crisis of post-pandemic bed availability in the NHS

David Tyrrell, TeleTracking, explains why every minute matters when it comes to the bed availability crisis within the NHS.
remote or hybrid

A remote future for healthcare 

Clare Aris, senior consultant, Entec Si, explores how the health care sector can implement remote or hybrid working while maintaining high standards of care.
clinical backlog

Tackling the clinical backlog consequences of COVID-19

Keith Davies and Prof Dr Harald Braun of i5 Health & Analytics explain tackling the clinical backlog consequences of COVID-19.
general practice

Data on patient access is key to helping the crisis in general practice

Paul Bensley, managing director, X-on, discusses why data on patient access is key to improving general practice as we move forward following the last year.
hospital food

Implementing digital food menus in hospitals

Tom Wright, Head of Digital Engagement at NDL, discusses the various ways in which technology can improve the hospital food ordering system.
outpatient waiting list

Reducing outpatient waiting list backlog through innovation

Adapting their existing digital framework, SymlConnect address the severe outpatient waiting list backlog created by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, to enable secure patient-clinician remote communication.
integrated care

A year with COVID-19: What has healthcare learnt?

Chris Norton, Managing Director, UK & Ireland, InterSystems, discusses the NHS’ current challenges, integrated care efforts, and the ways data and technology can be harnessed to inform care today, and in a post-COVID world.

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