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Schools could teach mandatory classes about the EU

Mandatory classes to teach children about the EU could be implemented across Europe in a bid to overcome Euroscepticism Criticism has been levelled at the European Parliament after it emerged plans to teach children about the positives of the EU could become mandatory in schools. The European Parliament will consider...
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Raising academic standards in UK schools

AG looks at how the Department of Education is improving standards in schools to help pupils leave school with qualifications to find employment Are UK schools performing as well as they should be? Last month AG reported that only 18% of parents in England thought that the government listened to them...

Partnerships for success

Ellen Rowles from Action PR Ltd sheds light on why third party partnerships hold the key to success in improving leisure facilities for schools and colleges. In these times of economic uncertainty and budgetary constraints, many local authority schools and colleges are exploring alternative ways to improve their fitness offering...
Kent children placed in London schools

Kent children placed in London schools

Kent County Council has revealed some children have been offered places in London schools after the closure of a local secondary school After the closure of a struggling secondary school in Hextable, Kent County Council (KCC) has been forced to offer children places in London schools. The county council opposed the...
Parents think schooling costs are unaffordable

Parents think schooling costs are unaffordable

Research suggests that many parents have concerns about the cost of schooling their children. It seems that the rising cost of childcare is not the only concern facing parents. A survey commissioned by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) has revealed that many parents think the...
Coventry Council applies for school rebuilding fund

Council applies for school rebuilding fund

Coventry City Council has applied for government funding to rebuild or refurbish schools across the city. Coventry City Council is to apply for funding from the government's 'Priority School Building Programme' to rebuild or refurbished schools across the city. The programme forms part of the government's strategy to improve the conditions...

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