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EDC Endocrine Disruptors Project-Instituto Superiore di Sanita

New insights on reproductive toxicants

Alberto Mantovani discusses new findings regarding reproductive toxicants, which was debated at the European Teratology Society Conference in September The public, policymakers and scientists pay increasing attention toward the chemical hazards affecting human reproduction, the development of the unborn and newborn child and the hormone control of these processes. Reproductive...

Understanding the adverse outcome pathway concept

Alberto Mantovani, Istituto Superiore di SanitĂ  looks at how the adverse outcome pathway concept is the long way from molecular to adversity

Endocrine disrupting chemicals: From feeds to hormones

Alberto Mantovani and Chiara Frazzoli, scientists of the Italian National Health Institute, discuss the role of endocrine disrupting chemicals in feed-food chains

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