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fertility in pigs

Biosciences: Screening for reduced fertility in pigs – bright new ideas

Professor Darren Griffin and Dr Rebecca O’Connor from the University of Kent’s School of Biosciences, discuss their work on improving UK pig production and reaching out to South East Asia.
Dinosaur DNA

No resurrecting dinosaurs, but we should return to the Ark

Here, Professor Darren Griffin and Doctor Becky O’Connor discuss their fascinating work on Dinosaur DNA, as well as new initiatives for preserving species DNA.
genetic testing

Genetic testing: What’s wrong with my child?

Dr Katie Finch discusses with Professors Darren Griffin and Alan Thornhill her personal journey involving genetic testing of her son Brandon.
whole genome sequencing, molecular biologist

Whole genome sequencing: It’s getting personal

Professors Darren K Griffin and Alan R Thornhill discuss their research on exploring a person’s genome sequencing.
embryology research, IVF

Genetics: Why investing in basic embryology research must be a priority

Darren K Griffin, Professor of Genetics and Alan R Thornhill Professor of Reproductive Genetics at University of Kent, School of Biosciences lift the lid on why investing in basic embryology research must be a priority.
School of Biosciences - University of Kent

School of Biosciences – quality teaching and research

The School of Biosciences combines high quality teaching and cutting-edge research with a supportive environment, attracting students globally.

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