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protein plastics

New protein plastics for a future sustainable society

Mikael Hedenqvist, Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology provides a fascinating glimpse into research on the development of protein plastics The polymeric materials division at the Royal Institute of Technology, has been doing research and development of protein plastics since the late 1990’s, often together with the group headed...
sustainable development

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP): Helping the EU to implement Sustainable Development Goals

Commissioner Phil Hogan shared his views on how the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is helping to shape the EU to implement Sustainable Development Goals, during a speech he delivered on 11th May 2018 at the at German Catholic Days, Muenster in Germany
Agricultural Systems for Sustainable Development

Agricultural systems are key for sustainable development

Cristina Cruz from the Foundation for Science and Technology discusses agricultural systems and their crucial link to maintaining sustainable development.  
sustainable cities

Using smart technologies to create more sustainable cities

Head of Smart Cities at the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), Sam Ibbott, explains the use of smart technologies to create cleaner, greener and more sustainable cities

The rise of Britain’s sustainable homes: Building eco-friendly on a budget

The drive to cut carbon emissions means sustainable homes are growing in popularity. Johnathan Bulmer, managing director of shipping container experts Cleveland Containers, discusses this rising trend and how to build an eco-friendly property on a budget
geovation conference

Geovation Conference to focus on ‘Greener, Smarter Communities’

‘Building Greener, Smarter Communities’ will be the focus of the first-ever Geovation Conference on Friday 16 February Designer Wayne Hemingway is the keynote speaker at the event, which takes place at the Royal Geographical Society in London and involves leaders, pioneers, start-ups, investors, sponsors, exhibitors, designers and location data experts...
food policy

Member of the EESC Workers’ Group (Group II) European Economic and Social Committee

National Officer of European and International Affairs Nahrung-Genuss-Gaststätten (the Food, Beverages and Catering Union in Germany) Never before in the history of Europe have food safety and quality been as high as they are today. More food is being produced in Europe than ever before and it has never been...
green homes

Homes for people and wildlife- how to build green homes in a nature-friendly way

New guidelines published by The Wildlife Trusts show how new housing developments can be built in a way that provides people with green homes The government has recently committed to building a further 300,000 homes a year until 2022, meaning that about 36 square miles will be given over to...

Swedish West Coast’s Creative Hot Spot

Creativity, innovation and a strong focus on social and cultural aspects of sustainability are at the very heart of developing the Municipality of Varberg
paperless working

Education sector is furthest away from achieving paperless working

Organisations in the education sector rely the most on paper and have the largest amount of work to do to reduce their usage, new research has found A survey of 1,000 workers, conducted by WorkMobile, found that employees working in the education sector rely the most on paper (80%), followed...
European cities

A sustainable future for cities is within our grasp

Abdeluheb Choho, deputy mayor of Amsterdam and chair of EUROCITIES Environment Forum shares his thoughts on the sustainable future for European cities As European cities, we are committed to making the transition to a circular economy. Building a more sustainable economy is an urgent environmental necessity and vital to our...
eco-friendly plastics

Less plastic waste in the future

Can plastics be removed from the environment and be biologically degraded? Chemical engineers at TU Wien (Vienna) are working on it The use of plastics offers several advantages: they are cheap, versatile and easy to shape. However, they are responsible for today’s severe ecological problems. Plastics are difficult to degrade,...
sustainable future

Shifting towards a circular economy for a sustainable future

VP Head of Group Brand & Corporate Communications at TOMRA, Lorraine Dundon reveals her thoughts on how Technology will help achieve a sustainable future
intensive farming

Third of Earth’s soil degraded due to intensive farming

A third of the Earth's fertile soil is being 'acutely degraded' due to intensive farming as global demand for food grows, according to the UN The UN is calling for the world to move away from intensive farming as new figures reveal agriculture is destroying 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil...

Meeting sustainable development goals must be a priority

European Economic and Social Committee’s Luca Jahier calls for the EU to become a world leader when it comes to meeting sustainable development goals

Why you shouldn’t ignore environmentally friendly construction

Reconomy's Richard Walker shares the value of environmentally friendly construction and why everyone should continue to push the green agenda

European Sustainable Energy Week aims to raise awareness

A series of activities aimed at supporting initiatives to create sustainable energy have been the focus of European Sustainable Energy Week

The key to sustainable growth is in the oceans

Often seen as one of the most overstretched resources, the seas offer one of the best avenues for sustainable growth if utilised correctly

Climate-resilient green growth requires a joint approach

In a speech, German Federal Minister for the Environment Barbara Hendricks explains why support for climate-resilient green growth is imperative
3D Cities

How can 3D cities assist with urban management and sustainability?

Sylvie Daniel, Université Laval outlines how 3D city modelling and augmented reality can assist with urban management and sustainability.

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