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Kristina Spionjak discusses what will happen at Europe Canna Expo 2020, and reflects on opportunities for the medical cannabis industry

Europe Canna Expo the largest Medical Cannabis Expo and Conference in Europe gives patients a platform to voice their frustrations about the lack of access to medical cannabis and to engage with industry experts.

With developments in the medical cannabis industry occurring at rapid rates, there is no better time to immerse yourself within the progressive community. Europe Canna Expo, formerly known as Europe CBD Expo, are proud to be the largest Medical Cannabis Expo and Conference in Europe.

What will happen at ECE 2020?

The ECE 2020 series kicks off in Dublin, Ireland (3-4 March). They will be returning with their flagship event in London, UK (26-27 June) and Zagreb, Croatia (15-16 October).

The inaugural event in 2019 gave patients a platform to voice their frustrations about the lack of access to medical cannabis and to engage with industry experts. The event has helped to provide legitimacy to the industry which has helped regulatory reform for the benefit of consumers, businesses and investors. The event has highlighted that Cannabis is now a serious and legitimate business that we can no longer hide from, inspiring entrepreneurs from all fields.

ECE events are designed to be accessible to everyone, from big businesses to patients and clinicians, to whom we provide detailed information from the world’s leading experts. ECE aims to change people’s perception of the plant and make it readily available to all. This applies to policymakers, press and industry representatives down to individuals and their families that can benefit from an open discussion of the latest clinical research.

What happened at ECE London 2019?

ECE London 2019 welcomed over 3500 attendees from Government officials, global CBD and medical cannabis brands, retailers, solution providers, agencies, entrepreneurs, consumers, investors, start-ups and media outlets. Everyone was encouraged to immerse themselves in the conference, exhibition and showcases packed full of exciting content. Over the two days, attendees heard from over 40+ international speakers and explored over 70 exhibitors.

Moving into 2020, ECE will expand overseas to reach an even wider audience. Dublin and Zagreb conferences will have the leading international experts presenting on Cannabis Business, Science, Cultivation, Patient Care and Access, thereby giving an understanding of the current state of play of the CBD and Medical Cannabis Industry globally. The event will highlight the opportunities that are available to Ireland and Croatia as they continue to move towards an open CBD and Medical Cannabis market, from large scale cultivation all the way through to research.

The ECE London format for 2020 will be very similar to the 2019 event, with a dedicated B2B day on Friday 26th June and B2B and B2C on Saturday 27th June. There will be two dedicated Conference areas, plus the Main Stage, tripling the size of the conference sessions and the number of expert speakers from last year, providing detailed Scientific and Business information for all attendees and an educational programme that is second to none.

The Expo will also increase in size to over 125 exhibitors and provides a platform to the leading brands and service providers across the CBD and Medical Cannabis industry to meet with like-minded individuals from across the globe, both B2B and B2C.

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