Amey Consulting awarded £multi-million contract to improve North West roads

amey consulting
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The Design Services has awarded a £49.7 million contract to Amey Consulting to improve roads in the North West

Amey Consulting are set to work on major A roads and motorways for up to five years as part of Highways England’s Asset Delivery operating model.

Areas to benefit from the funding are: Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and South Lancashire.

The contract is set to start in April 2019 and will see Amey Consulting carrying out the designs of structures, drains, barriers, signs, landscaping, lighting, traffic signals and other features across the North West’s 260 miles of motorway and 50 miles of major A road.

Highways England’s Executive Director of Operations, Nick Harris, said: This contract will enable Highways England to deliver schemes which will improve both journeys for our customer and the condition of the road network.

“We are delighted to award this contract to Amey Consulting and look forward to establishing a successful, long-term relationship with them.”

Amey’s Chief Executive Andy Milner, said: “Collaboration is at the core of Amey Consulting’s approach, and working closely with Highways England and the Asset Delivery Community, we look forward to delivering long-lasting benefits for the communities of the North West.”

The Design Services contract is the second of the Asset Delivery suite of contracts to be awarded in the Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and South Lancashire area.

In October Amey were awarded the £325 million Asset Delivery Maintenance and Response contract which will run for up to 15 years. The Construction Works Framework is due to be awarded in the coming months.

Highways England will be working with all the successful contractors to ensure that they are ready to begin delivering key services from April 2019.


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