New partnership between EU and Bio-based Industries Consortium

bio based industries consortium, eu
© Vitaliy Nazarenko

The European Commission has announced a new partnership with Bio-based Industries Consortium, which is expected to be finalised toward the end of the year

The Commission has named Bio-based Industries Consortium in a new legislative proposal, which looks to build a future relationship that will reach for the EU’s ambitious climate targets and support the implementation of the Green Deal.

This partnership is expected to help with sustainability and circularity of production and consumption systems, namely targeting such phenomena as food security and agricultural concerns that rest on weather patterns as dictated by climate change.

This will be a step toward sustainable, circular economy when it comes to products.

In addition, bio-based innovation is expected to increase at the regional level.

‘An important step’

Dirk Carrez, Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) Executive Director, commented: “This is an important step towards a new partnership developing a competitive, innovative and sustainable bio-based industry in Europe. This is a joint effort and BIC will continue to work constructively with our partners to ensure the realisation of an ambitious partnership with the EU.

“CBE will help Europe achieve its Green Deal and climate neutrality objectives.”

The European Partnerships are approaches provided by Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme (2021-2027). They aim to improve and accelerate the development and uptake of new innovative solutions across different sectors, by mobilising public and private resources.

‘Great day for the European bioeconomy’

Philippe Mengal, the Executive Director of BBI JU, said: “This is a great day for the European bioeconomy. CBE JU will take the success of BBI JU to the next level. It will continue fostering collaboration between the scientific community and industry, and de-risking investments, while placing the sustainability and biodiversity at the heart of every project.”

They will also contribute to the objectives of the European Green Deal and strengthen the European Research Area.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said: “The challenge of the coronavirus pandemic added urgency to our long-standing endeavours to better use research and innovation to tackle health emergencies, climate change and digital transformation. European Partnerships are our opportunity to work together to respond and shape the profound economic and social transformations, for the benefit of all EU citizens.”


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