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‘Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming’ represents a change in global or regional climate patterns. It has been attributed to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

It is universally agreed by most scientists that the main cause of global warming is the human expansion of the ‘Greenhouse Effect’. Human activities across the globe are changing the natural greenhouse. The burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil have increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. the consequences of changing the natural greenhouse are not easy to accurately predict. However there are a number of possible effects such as the excessive heating and cooling of certain regions. The heating of regions such at the north and south pole will result in the melting of ice capes and increase sea levels.

Despite the immense research and evidence there is still debate from some as to the existence of the issue.


Many faces in the media, have openly argued against the existence of Climate change. Most famous of which being US President Donald Trump. He has on the record stated that he believes Climate Change is a Hoax created by the Chinese.
Since the late 19th Century the average surface temperature of the planet has risen by around 0.9 degrees Celsius. Research states that most warming has occurred over the last 35 years and the 5 hottest temperatures being since 2010. So it seems almost comical to suggest that the topic could be a Hoax. However it’s true that the leader of one of the top world powers denies its existence entirely. even with compelling statistics such as 2016 being the hottest year on record.

There are articles exploring the ways in which different countries around the world tackle their own levels of pollution.

Power Plant in the sunrise

Biofuels as petroleum alternatives: Closing the carbon cycle with bacteria

Finding a way to close the carbon cycle is crucial in our steps towards a greener planet; researchers believe that filtering out petroleum and utilizing other options like biofuels we can help reduce our CO2 emissions.
seal resting on the iceberg, Seal - Animal, Animal, Mammal, Animal Wildlife, Beach, Harbor Seal, Tranquil Scene, Glacier, Ice Floe, Alaska - US State,

Will the Willow Project be approved and what consequences might we see?

U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration have advanced on a decision that could allegedly damage our climate beyond repair, but what is the Willow Project and how will it change the world around us?
A strip of Dry Grass sets Fire to Trees in dry Forest: Forest fire - Aerial drone top view. Forest fire: fire with smoke from the height of a bird flight.

Record-breaking amount of carbon dioxide emissions from wildfires in 2021

Gradually increasing since 2000, carbon dioxide emissions from wildfires peaked drastically in 2021 to a record high of 1.76 billion tons.
outdoor unit of a heat pump heating system surrounded by flowers

Three transformative heating technologies for decarbonising public sector estates

Chris Caton, product director – Commercial, at Ideal Heating, explains the impact that three low and zero-carbon heating technologies could have on decarbonising public sector buildings.
Maroš Šefčovič and colleagues at the 7th High-Level Meeting of European Battery Alliance

Main takeaways from the 7th High-Level Meeting of the European Battery Alliance

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič recently chaired the European Battery Alliance Ministerial, discussing ways to foster the global competitiveness of the European battery industry.
A parking lot only for electric vehicle charging seen during the night.

Webinar – Trends driving EV growth & how to win the race

Understanding EV growth and the market surrounding it is key to a successful business in a carbon-neutral world.
Solar Panel wall on Building with tree leaves

We need a common pathway to decarbonise healthcare

Kristian Steele, Associate Director at Arup, argues that the climate crisis is also a health crisis. We, therefore, need a common pathway to decarbonise healthcare
Enthusiastic young people making strike on the street, fighting for saving environment and protesting for climate changes.

Liberating climate action from politics

Simon Glynn, Founder of Zero Ideas, explains the importance of liberating climate action from politics.
Mud texture or wet brown soil as natural organic clay and geological sediment mixture as in roughing it in a dirty muddy country road bog after the rain or rainy season found in a damp moist climate.

Can clay be used for carbon capture?

Sandia chemical engineer Tuan Ho has led a team investigating the possibility of using clay for carbon capture.

The continuous process to produce sodium bicarbonate crystals

Here, Professor Patricia Luis (1,2) from UCLouvain explains how integral CO2 capture is along with the production of sodium bicarbonate crystals in reducing global emissions.
Person throws kitchen food waste into compost heap to make organic fertilizer. Composting - eco-friendly recycling technology

UK citizens’ interests towards sustainable practices on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wake-up call about the environment and sustainability, and the UK is no exception.
Watford, UK - September 24, 2017: Evening traffic jam on British motorway M1.M25/M1 junction.

The average British carbon footprint is five times over Paris Agreement recommendations

British residents on average emit around 11.7 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions, which is five times over the level recommended by the Paris agreement.
North America Analysis - NAA25 January 2023

North America Analysis January 2023

We welcome 2023 with our brand-new volume of North America Analysis. We hear from Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH, who highlights five areas where “more research” isn’t needed to curb the overdose crisis.
Asia Analysis issue 16

Asia Analysis January 2023

We warmly welcome you to the January 2023 edition of Asia Analysis, which features an array of compelling articles from electrosynthesis to rice export restrictions.
SWAT Valley, Pakistan floods

“Cataclysmic” health emergency following Pakistan floods

The Pakistan floods have brought on a double burden of communicable, and non-communicable diseases, fuelling more inequality and health disparities.

How did past societies handle the impacts of climate change?

Impacts of climate change on past human societies over the past 5000 years offer lessons for current global warming preparation.
Self driving car on a road

Going green: transport innovation in the face of climate change

How transport innovations and developments will shape our futures despite the challenges of climate change.
Drought disaster in Thailand countryside

Effect of heat and drought on food security and agricultural production

Maize is affected by abiotic stresses, including extreme heat and drought, which is exacerbated by climate change.
steamed cooked basmati rice

Genetically modified rice to tackle climate-induced food shortages

Genetically modified rice could be used to lessen food shortages caused by climate change, as salt tolerance allows it to grow in warmer conditions.

90% of the world’s population will be affected by compound heat and drought

Global warming is projected to intensify compound heat and drought hazards tenfold, as rising temperatures are projected around the world.

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