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Within this section, you can find articles on topics such as cybercrime, data protection and online harms. And we also touch upon the relevant topics such as social media and its potential danger and its ongoing need for regulation. The protection of personal data in the modern age is a topic is something we touch upon often in the contexts of revenge porn and other forms. Topics such as Cybersecurity in relation to business and the domination of ‘The Cloud’ are very popular.

We all cover a wide range of information concerning the emerging potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the many developments and ethical arguments within this topic. we have experts giving their opinion on the future of AI and how it will move forward. We also look at AI and its involvement in healthcare.

We also cover the Internet of Things (IoT) along with the use of data and GDPR related issues.

Police numbers will grow as Labour pledges an extra 10,000 officers

Rapid response: Using mobile technology to tackle disasters

Jessica Gibson, Project Manager, West Yorkshire for Innovation at West Yorkshire Police shares how mobile technology can help services during an emergency
Digital transformation requires firms to seize opportunities

Digital transformation requires firms to seize opportunities

Civica Digital's Steve Shakespeare says to ensure digital transformation businesses must carve a definitive disruptive path through the digital landscape
Harnessing data to transform city management

Harnessing data to transform city management

Data is being used in city management to overcome many urban challenges. Here, Upendra Dharmadhikary, Vice President at Tech Mahindra explains
Cloud is first and it’s native to the public sector already

Cloud is first and it’s native to the public sector already

Software Europe's Chief Sales Officer, Deborah Saunby, shares her views on the move from ‘cloud first’ to ‘cloud native’ within the public sector Back in...
Software solutions data centre servers

Delivering software solutions

Jean-Michel Letennier, President and CEO of Atomic Information Systems (AIS) Corporation, outlines how their software solutions can change how organisations think AIS Corporation is a full...
postal operators' security challenges

Postal operators’ security challenges are great, but collaboration is key

Botond Szebeny, Jean-Paul Forceville, David Pilkington, Antonino Scribellito and Waqas Ahsen at PostEurop describe their work to tackle postal operators' security challenges Can you tell...
GDPR cyber security RedSocks server

In GDPR, cyber security meets compliance

With the introduction of GDPR, cyber security will top many business agendas over the next 12 months. RedSocks Security can help in the race...
data breaches laptop code

Data breaches will get worse – but there is a silver lining

Data breaches are on the rise and things are bound to get worse before they get better, SolarWinds Head Geek Destiny Bertucci tells Open...
space innovation uk Thales Alenia

Centre stage of space innovation in the UK

Thales Alenia Space is developing cutting edge satellite technology which puts it at the forefront of space innovation in the UK As we become ever...
James Kelly BSIA CEO security consultants

How accredited security consultants can help manage risk

James Kelly, Chief Executive of BSIA, tells Open Access Government why reputable security consultants and staff training are worthwhile when it comes to risk As...
tighter data controls GDPR

Tighter data controls: Opportunity and risk

As the EU brings in tighter data controls and the UK passes the Investigatory Powers Bill, iStorage considers opportunities and risks around data protection The...
data on tablet how will gdpr affect your business

How will GDPR affect your business?

For consumers, new data protection legislation offers increased privacy, but how will GDPR affect your business? The Information Commissioner’s Office explains The General Data Protection...
national cyber security centre concept

New National Cyber Security Centre opened by The Queen

Her Majesty The Queen officially opened the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre HQ in London today The NCSC, as part of GCHQ, is tasked with...
electronic signature cartoon

Harnessing the power of the electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature solutions can provide security and efficiency, as Comsign Europe explain According to Gartner, Inc., 6.4 billion connected things will be in use...
public sector ict services laptop

What are the prospects for public sector ICT suppliers in 2017?

Rob Anderson, analyst in the public sector team at GlobalData, predicts a buoyant market for public sector ICT this year and in the longer...
business agility flowchart

Agile transformation: Moving to the organisational dimension

Agile transformation is enabling change and adding value across the public and private sectors, as Agile Business Consortium Member Hugh Ivory outlines The term “Agile”...
hands computer keyboard government IT

Government IT: The year to adapt, change and collaborate

SolarWinds’ Patrick Hubbard looks forward to the year ahead for government IT professionals, and how DevOps culture could change the landscape If there is one...

AG highlights scam targeting schools with ransomware

Education establishments must take precautions against fraudsters targeting schools to install ransomware on computers
cyber security in healthcare

Cyber security in healthcare: Lessons from enterprises?

Joe Kim, CTO of SolarWinds, explores the potential learning opportunities from business for cyber security in healthcare organisations The cyber security market is currently valued...
protecting online privacy messaging services

Facebook and Google face EU plans to protect online privacy

The European Commission is planning to overhaul a law on consumers’ online privacy and electronic communications that will affect internet giants The European Commission has...

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