Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe

    PhD, MSc, BA Associate Fellow and Industry Principal
    TechVision Group, Frost & Sullivan

    Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe is an Associate Fellow and Industry Principal at the TechVision (formerly Technical Insights) group of Frost & Sullivan (www.frost.com/techvision)

    Her work consists of tracking and analyzing emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies and publishing them. These alerts and reports are read by global clients who are about 1500 in number of which many are Fortune 500 companies. This fact represents huge opportunities for partnering and capital attraction, in addition, to promote the technology translation to industry and market penetration.

    Over a decade of professional expertise in chemical and biomedical engineering areas, which include R+D activities, in several well-renowned universities and multinational companies, constitute my functional expertise. As part of her experience, Cecilia has been involved in a variety of multidisciplinary projects embracing different emerging technologies and establishing strong long-standing working relationships.

    Having a vast experience and a career development in both academia and industry, she sees with particular interest to devote her current work to business development activities through research and consulting, while having the opportunity to collaborate in the generation of in-depth interactions with prestigious R+D+i worldwide players in cutting-edge technologies around biomedical and chemical engineering.

    Being conscious of the role of education and culture in our society, her activities are devoted to art studies, principally music as flutist and piccoloist in different wind ensembles.