UK faces new drink spiking “epidemic” via injection to body

drink spiking injection, violence against women
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As violence against women recedes from mainstream conversation again, a new drink spiking “epidemic” is happening – with attackers giving an injection to their victims

The drink spiking “epidemic” is creating renewed concerns for women. People are currently being attacked both at house parties and bars.

Drink spiking, the act of putting drugs or alcohol into someone’s drink without their permission, is a sinister but common element of socialisation. To leave a drink open or lose eyes on it for a minute, means to discard it for the sake of personal safety. Usually, the victim is then sexually assaulted or robbed.

People, especially women, are told to remain vigilant over their drinks. Protective mechanisms like the cup lids, offered for free at some places, exist as pragmatic interruption mechanisms to the possible crime.

However, neither awareness nor intervention from intended victims can change the underlying issue – that some men want to drug people and make them easier targets.

Direct injections to the body

Now, there is a new kind of drink spiking. Women are being injected with drugs straight through their clothing. They explain the sensation as a “scratching” feeling, and videos on popular social media sites include protective ideas like wearing a denim jacket.

The vessel of a drink is being side-stepped entirely by this new group of predators.

A first year student, explaining the new form of attack, said:

“I know by name half a dozen girls who have been spiked, and more who suspect having been.”

When it comes to reporting crimes like this, women are often unsure about how effective making a report would be. There is still a stigma of blame around the victim, which further lessens the chances of a police report and medical examination.

According to a YouGov survey, 96% of women and girls are unsure about how police would handle reported incidents of sexual harassment. Around 45% of the women who would not report sexual harassment in the UK say that it is because “nothing would really change”.

This ongoing issue of violence against women is profound. One woman is killed every three days in the UK, with countless other crimes going unreported.

According to Playbook, Home Secretary Priti Patel is looking into available data for drink spiking across the UK. There is no official statement yet.


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