Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign reminds the public not to pollute

Yellow Fish campaign

The Environment Agency is using imagery of yellow fish to alert people on the Kent coast to what happens when they pour fat, oils or other waste down their yard drains or road gullies

The agency’s Yellow Fish campaign saw teams in Walpole Bay in Margate and Viking Bay in Broadstairs paint yellow fish symbols next to drains that carry surface water into the sea, to remind residents and business owners how pollution can travel directly into the ocean.

On 13th July, teams from the Environment Agency worked with Thanet District Council and Southern Water to stencil the fish symbols on and around the covers of road drains along the towns’ promenades.

Councillor Jason Savage, Deputy Leader for Thanet District Council, said:

“Our partnership work with the Environment Agency and Southern Water has enabled us to highlight the important role that residents, visitors and businesses play in keeping Thanet’s beaches clean. The Yellow Fish campaign is a fantastic way to help get this message across.”

The fishy reminders are part of a national campaign by the Environment Agency to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the country’s bathing waters clean. It is supported by the mantra ‘Only rain down the drain!’

Speaking about the the Yellow Fish campaign, Alan Cansdale, Environment Manager for the Environment Agency, said: “It has been great having the opportunity to work with local people, who also use and enjoy the local bathing waters.

“The Yellow Fish campaign is a simple and effective way of showing everyone that by making small changes we can all help to reduce pollution entering our rivers and seas which in turn helps to keep the local bathing water clean.”

Thanks to the hard work of the Environment Agency alongside, Defra, water companies, councils, local communities, farmers and environmental organisations, initiatives like the Yellow Fish campaign have made huge strides in improving the quality of bathing water in the last 20 years.

Proud to work in partnership with the Environment Agency, Rob Butson, Bathing Water Manager for Southern Water, said: “It’s vital we all work together to protect our beautiful beaches and bathing waters. Campaigns like Yellow Fish really help engage the community and spread the message that only rain should go down the drain!”

The Environment Agency continues to remind the public that everyone has an important part to play in protecting the seas and improving the quality of the country’s bathing waters.


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