ether legends

The expansion and utility of blockchain technology has paved the way for gamers to play an old kind of game but in a new way

Ether Legends, a trading card game plans to merge the revolutionary concept of blockchain and traditional gaming, designing an ecosystem that blends physical card and the digital gaming platform to create a game that can be enjoyed with family and friends while providing a competitive online experience available worldwide.

One of the main advantages is that the platform is virtually impossible to hack, ensuring security for both game structure and players’ assets thanks to blockchain technology.

Other advantages include:

  • A bridge between physical and digital content – Physical trading cards will be available in the same way others are with different games such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. The bridge is created with the integration of a QR code that, once scanned, will add your physical purchase to your digital deck.
  • Complete ownership of games assets – The decentralised nature of the blockchain and the ELET token will guarantee that any experience or item acquired through the game will be yours only.
  • Real rewards – Tournaments will yield rewards in the form of additional content or more ELET tokens. Since the Elementeum coins will be tradeable through exchanges with other cryptocurrencies, any prize earned in tournaments can be converted into real capital.
  • Open source code – The game’s cypher will be available for anyone to verify and study.
  • Global rankings – the global ranking and leaderboards are publicly viewable, giving players a stronger incentive to become the best, encouraging worldwide competition. High positions will also provide with better rewards.
  • Finding games easily – due to the chance to earn such rewards and a vast pool of quick matches, finding a game in Ether Legends will never be too complicated.
  • Fair and balanced matches – through the implementation of player Matchmaking Ranking (MMR), competitors will be places against others will similar skill and abilities. That ensures a fair game every time with little difference between each player’s capabilities.



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