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How VitalHub UK is leading the way in supporting the way to become fully interoperable through digital transformation

Integrating care has long been a challenge and a priority for the NHS, and with new models of care emerging and evolving, there is a distinct need for more effective information sharing between care settings, organisations, and across boundaries, as well as between professionals and patients, to optimise outcomes, improve services and enhance the quality of care.

This is heavily reliant on the ability of systems across health and social care to be interoperable with one another, a key factor for the future vision of care in England.

Advancing models of care to enable cross-system working, with open and transparent sharing of data across whole-health systems, is necessary to enable care professionals and patients to better manage care and improve patient flow.

The benefits of successfully delivering an interoperable healthcare system are significant: improved patient safety through reduced errors; more integrated care by making the right information available at the right time in the right place; enhanced pathway management to heighten both patient and service provider experience; patient empowerment with the ability to manage to access their information; and supporting the use of data to improve and future proof care services. Interoperable systems save valuable time, time that we cannot afford to waste in terms of efficiency, but more critically, time for patients.


Ensuring interoperability across health and social care systems

Ensuring interoperability across health and social care systems inevitably means that delays can be avoided, speeding up the patient’s time for treatment and care. By ‘joining the dots’ and linking NHS organisations through real-time technology, we can move away from the typical historic siloed working practices, transforming care provision through digital integration.

The VitalHub UK group, integration of 8 leading health technology companies, is providing a unique and powerful suite of solutions that supports the NHS to exploit the potential of digital technologies and transform the delivery of care and patient outcomes through interoperability.

Vitalhub UK, comprising Transforming Systems, Intouch with Health, Synopsis, Beautiful Information, MCAP, Alamac, Jayex Acute and S12 Solutions, under- stands the complexities of integrating disparate systems between organisations and across boundaries, to create the one single version of the truth, thus painting the bigger picture. Our expert knowledge of where to join the dots, allows us to support organisations to digitally connect services and systems, allowing us to play a pivotal role in whole-system integration.



Exploring the range of innovative solutions

The range of innovative solutions within the VitalHub UK group includes data sharing tools to effectively manage patient flow, demand and capacity, discharge optimisation, whole-system visibility, remote care, patient tracking and operational processes. This utilisation of live data sharing helps to deliver the prescriptive intelligence required to empower decision-makers with key information to better coordinate and streamline patient care services across any geographical footprint.

Transforming Systems: a live operational management platform, SHREWD, that provides instant visibility of whole-system data, supporting improved patient flow and safer, more effective care for patients.

Intouch with Health: a holistic platform for elective care services, supporting hospitals to manage entire patient workflows and optimise flow in outpatient care in an efficient manner.

Synopsis: a digital pre-operative assessment platform for elective surgery, reducing risk and optimising patient throughput to the theatre.

Beautiful Information: a real-time solution to help plan and track each step of every patient’s journey and next steps, from admission to discharge and into the community via our live patient tracking lists.

MCAP: Making Care Appropriate for Patients – a clinical decision support tool that determines the appropriateness of reasons to reside and acuity of care in medical, surgical and mental health settings.

Alamac: a performance reporting service that collates and interprets healthcare performance information to support improvement initiatives and better planning and understanding of pathway capacity and demand.

Jayex Acute: A patient flow platform, streamlining outpatient services and elevating the patient experience, utilising easy-to-access data.

S12 Solutions: a platform that supports the mental health assessment pathway, from patient referral for Mental Health Act assessment to admission to hospital, connecting AMHP and s.12 doctors more efficiently.

Through the implementation and utilisation of our intuitive, agile solutions, we are creating a joined-up technological infrastructure at the trust, ICS, a regional and national level that is helping to support the future vision of integrated care in the NHS.

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