Japan’s unoccupied property crisis to rise year on year

empty homes

Over eight million empty homes scatter Japan, and the problem is set to get worse due to an ageing and shrinking population

An abundance of empty properties throughout Japan is the result of an ever ageing population.

As more people age and move away from their homes into care or to pass on, their once lived-in properties become and remain empty.

And, it is believed that there are not enough young people in the country to make use of these empty homes.

The younger generations are on average taking longer to have families of their own and find that they do not require larger spaces to live in.

Many of these properties are found in Japan’s rural towns. However, The Japan Times has reported that this growing problem is starting to appear in suburbs and larger cities.

Empty homes can cause many problems for a community. They quickly become targets for acts of vandalism and areas with a large quantity of abandoned homes are known to receive less tax income and decrease in value.


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