The role of MFDs, photocopiers and printers in the 2021 sustainable office

MFD, 2021 sustainable office
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Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd, presents the latest article around the role MFDs, photocopiers and printers play in the “sustainable” 2021 office

In my previous article I asked the question “What has 2021 brought with it, in terms of moving the sustainable office dream forward?”…

Well, we have just seen the G7 conference down here in Cornwall’s Carbis Bay Hotel in St. Ives and what a backdrop! A key headline from the conference was “Protecting our planet is the most important thing we as leaders can do for our people. There is a direct relationship between reducing emissions, restoring nature, creating jobs and ensuring long-term economic growth,” this said by British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. He added “The G7 will also commit to almost halve their emissions by 2030 relative to 2010. The UK is already going further, pledging to cut emissions by at least 68% by 2030 on 1990 levels – 58% reduction on 2010 levels”.

So, you, me and us all have an opportunity to play our part. Let me give you an example of how you can help move that dream forward in real terms, by replacing those laser printers with Epson’s technology of the future, now. Epsons deliver uncompromising performance with previously unheard-of sustainability gains to any adopter. There are no heaters, no air-moving fans, they typically use 1/50th of the electricity of a laser, there are less moving parts to go wrong and there are no noxious ozone fumes! Sounds perfect – well, IT IS!

Over the last year, Crispin Associates have been partnering with a local building company. Since the 1970s, this group has been trusted to deliver a diverse range of projects, including refurbishments & fit outs, construction projects, interior & retail schemes as well as property development and energy solutions, across a variety of sectors, including Public Sector.

The company has a vision that isn’t just something written and forgotten about – each and every employee is committed to delivering this vision, day in day out, in everything they do:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Technological developments
  • Health & Safety

And this is where Crispin Associates have helped out. Apart from sharing the same vision, we were asked to deliver on a project to reduce their carbon emission – vital to any business in the future and certainly one that can be highlighted on their web site and social media.


  • Up to 70 individual working sites at any one time.
  • Site office is usually a portacabin/portacabins, single/multi-storey.
  • Projects last from 6 months to a few years.
  • There are 5 “regional” management offices.
  • A3 MFD in most site offices and high volume MFDs in regional offices.
  • All used to print, copy and scan.
  • Portacabins just transhipped to new site when project completed.
  • MFD needs to be removed, often at short notice, before portacabin is uplifted.
  • Ideally MFD cleaned/serviced before redeployment.


  • Have deployed laser-based 25 to 40ppm (page per minute) devices in the past.
  • Some were bought outright, some were rented.
  • Second-hand were deployed where possible to keep purchase/rental costs down.
  • Ongoing running costs were charged at 4p/colour page and 0.4p/mono page.
  • Dealt with a local supplier, but geographically challenging sites subcontracted by supplier to 3rd party, losing control and leverage!


  • Laser MFDs are heavy machines so awkward and expensive to move (2 or more staff, per specialist moving crew, each time).
  • Dirty environment, so MFDs constantly breaking down due to contamination of moving parts.
  • Short notice of project end, so lack of moving crew and therefore portacabins often uplifted with MFD still inside – extensive and costly damage usually ensues.
  • Lots of moving parts leading to early failures on site and extensive renovation time/cost onsite and/or during a re-site.
  • High cost per copy, as high level of engineer intervention with associated parts will be required during its life.
  • Initial capital outlay.
  • High carbon footprint directly from device (heat, electrical consumption, ozone, lots of consumables/replacement parts) and indirectly from ongoing maintenance needed and the associated logistics involved.
  • High contribution to landfill waste due to large proportion of non-recyclable parts.
  • Extensive downtime during device life contributing to potential budget overspend.
  • Frustrated users.
  • Inconsistent performance, as laser MFDs are subject to ambient conditions (changes in humidity, temperature, etc).


  • Replaced devices with brand new leased Epson’s.
  • Reduce ongoing running costs to virtually half the previous costs.
  • Lighter and simpler to move, with no specialist crew required.
  • Less moving parts so higher reliability. 13 service calls in 18 months for Epson devices Vs over 200 service calls previous 18 months for same number of Laser devices.
  • Less consumable parts, so less landfill.
  • No heat so less electrical usage.
  • Low carbon footprint, as less engineer calls required and less moving parts to replace during its life.
  • Less user intervention required, as higher reliability.
  • Built-in wireless, ethernet, scan, fax and auto-reporting, so easy to deploy, use and maintain connectivity.
  • Technology will be automatically replaced at lease end, ensuring consistent reliability.
  • Less affected by ambient conditions, so high consistent quality.


  • Overall cost to company, even with the fixed lease cost, was less than the previous bought/rented devices.
  • Happier staff.
  • Less downtime, ensuring staff are deployed in productive tasks and contributing to meet budgets.
  • Consistent print quality ensures Company image is maintained at all times.
  • Over an 18-month period, over 200 service calls Versus less than 30 service calls.
  • Potential Corporation tax advantage through leasing.
  • Epson devices are contributing to reducing any Company carbon tax liability.
  • Still a local supplier but with Nationwide manufacturer support when needed.

Epson: committing to a sustainable future click here to see the Epson Workforce Pro

Why choose Crispin Associates and Epson?

So why Crispin Associates and Epson? Well, Dave has a great team and 40 years of personal experience in supplying and supporting cutting-edge MFD technology. Epson is the “best of the best”, in terms of manufacturer commitment to sustainability and whole-life carbon view, together with its purpose-focussed and value-driven Pro MFD range.

For those wishing to upgrade their traditional Laser MFDs to a new sustainable business inkjet, procurement, leasing plans and service support, for the full Epson Pro range, are available through Crispin Associates throughout the UK and Ireland.

How do Crispin Associates see it? “Everybody should link their IT with their Sustainability Strategy – one can’t afford not to do this”! See the CA PRINT ADVERT.

It’s fair to say, Crispin Associates are different from other copier suppliers, but their difference is good – and their difference makes a difference. Get in touch to see how you, too, can do your bit and get advice on the MFD aspects of Sustainable IT.  Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd. Official and authorised UK partner for Epson professional print range.

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