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OGEL IT discuss the services they provide to help the government bring IT back in-house, in this report

The drive to utilise cloud and “off the shelf” technologies has fundamentally changed the way that government procure IT services and systems, and with that the role of system integrators has changed. OGEL IT recognises this change and is mindful of the new challenges that in-house IT teams are facing in terms of keeping up with constantly changing and evolving cloud platforms and in making full use of these new platforms.

We don’t just design a service for you, but instead design it with you, making sure that it’s right for your organisation. We use our knowledge and expertise to help and guide organisations to adopt cloud-based solutions, maximise productivity and simplify day to day management.

We work in partnership with our customers to transform their digital services by providing access to additional capability and expertise to make their vision a reality. Our resources have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering successful digital services projects within the government sector that are secure, flexible and easy to manage.

With most departments, bodies and organisations across government having started or completed the transition away from those inflexible and cumbersome long-term outsourced contracts it’s a great time to get in touch to see how we can support you with your next transformation project.

Windows 10 migration

With Windows 7 going end of life in January 2020, IT departments face the daunting task of migrating to Windows 10 before Microsoft and third party suppliers cease to provide support and patching. We have the tools and processes to analyse your existing environment and plan for a successful transition.

We can provide a fully managed end user compute build that aligns to NCSC guidance and that has been independently assessed from a security perspective by a CHECK accredited partner.

Our Windows 10 end user compute provision adopts an Evergreen IT approach. This is achieved by implementing automated patching, using a targeted staged deployment model to ensure all devices maintain a high level of compliance but also providing a window for service impacting updates to be caught before mass deployment.

No more dongles or tokens, our remote access solutions provide simple yet secure always on connectivity to provide end users with truly mobile solutions. We’re able to support low latency connections to cloud services direct from endpoints without compromising the security or integrity of end user devices providing the best experience for remote and mobile workers.

Simplified management

Unfortunately, unpatched devices and servers, manual software installations and poor management of administrative access are still common place in many organisations. Patching is often seen as a laborious and sometimes risky process but with the correct architecture and controls in place it can almost take care of itself entirely.

We simplify the deployment and management of packaged software by integrating with third party software update catalogues to streamline the process as much as possible. We adopt a role-based access control model early in the engagement and all solution and services deployed conform to the model to ensure a consistent and well structured permission model is adopted across the board.

Cloud hosting adoption

Adopting cloud hosting technologies such as Microsoft Azure provides government departments with an opportunity to reassess the way that they operate servers and services by transforming them into PaaS or SaaS offerings. We have found that often departments just lift and shift existing workloads into the cloud without assessing and reviewing potential options to enhance or modernise the deployment. We can help you assess your existing workloads, design and architect your target environment and migrate services to the most suitable resource types whilst making full use of the capabilities and features provided by Microsoft Azure.

Flexible support

We offer tailored support services to meet the needs and flexibility sought by our customers. We encourage organisations to take a more active role in the day to day support of their services and we can provide the escalation and access to skills and capability that’s not cost effective to retain in-house. We run workshops with existing technical resources to help bring them up to speed with the latest technology being delivered to ensure they feel confident in taking the support and maintenance forward.

Shared networks

Our network services are designed with security and usability in mind, providing secure and simple to manage network services that provide a straight forward and reliable experience for the end-user.

With modern flexible office space often shared between different organisations, departments or hosting customers and guests delivering a flexible but secure network can prove a challenge. We deliver networks that can dynamically adapt to deliver the type of connectivity required based on the device connected. This means you don’t need to worry about guests plugging into your network, they can turn up and use your dock, screen and keyboard if you want them to!

Our solutions bridge both wired and wireless meaning devices can freely roam between wired and wireless connections without losing access to the network.

GCloud 10 supplier

OGEL IT offers several services through the Digital Marketplace (G-Cloud 10), providing a faster and cheaper way to purchase services when compared to entering into individual procurement contracts.

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