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OGEL IT – Helping to bring IT back in-house

Ogel IT was formed in 2012 with the goal of helping organisations establish flexible, secure and cost-effective IT services

OGEL IT has a proven track record of working with public sector organisations to help them break free from existing managed services where there was limited flexibility or reliability and empower them to bring these services back in-house.

We have designed and delivered complete IT solutions that leverage the latest developments in cloud technology to enable a collaborative, flexible, reliable and secure operating environment from day one.

Whether an organisation is struggling with old technology, being held back by services that are failing to deliver or needs help building an entirely new service, OGEL IT has the knowledge and expertise to help.

We are a friendly and flexible organisation who take pride in working alongside our customers to provide them with the support and guidance where they need it, we can take care of as much or as little as is needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Cloud Services

OGEL IT provides organisations with the approach, resource and support that’s required to transition from on-premise, hosted and other cloud-based services into Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Migrating to Azure is not necessarily just a box shifting exercise; we have the experience and expertise to ensure applications and services are migrated in the most effective way by looking at transformations to PaaS and SaaS resources whilst maintaining security, compliance, performance and reducing operational costs and overheads.

We work with organisations to understand their current environment and what their goals and drivers are to ensure a successful delivery of an optimised Office 365 environment. We follow a tried and tested approach to Office 365 migrations which can be tailored to suit individual organisational requirements.

Customer Benefits

Our customers benefit from simplified management, operational cost reductions, greater flexibility and an improved experience for the end-user. We work with our customers to design ad develop solutions that meet

Our solutions provide customers with the ability to work effectively whether they are in the office, at home or on the move by providing solutions that enable roaming between trusted or untrusted networks whether they are wired or wireless.

They can work anywhere where there is an internet connection, be that from home, another office, the train or the coffee shop down the road without having to carry separate identity tokens or smart phone apps.

By leveraging the latest offerings from Microsoft 365, users can be more productive than ever and work collaboratively with ease. We ensure data is stored in the cloud and synchronized to the end user device ensuring your documents are always available on the move and kept safe.

We have considerable experience working with government departments and our end user compute builds and supporting infrastructure are subjected to independent testing by CHECK accredited organisations to provide our customers with the peace of mind that the environment and their data is secure.


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