Public sector cloud hosting: It’s time to make the switch

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The experts behind QuickThink Cloud explain why public sector organisations all over the UK should be looking to host their ERP software and wider IT infrastructure in the cloud

The digital transformation for the public sector is here, and many organisations are starting to realise the potential of cloud hosting to revolutionise core processes and systems. Through hosting core ERP software on a cloud platform, organisations can leverage the benefits of rapid implementation, security, scalability, and enhanced data access across locations.

What Does ERP public sector cloud hosting look like?erp software, public cloud hosting software

ERP cloud hosting is a method of hosting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software (such as Unit4 ERP) across an infrastructure of massively available, highly secured, and connected servers (rather than the traditional on-premises model). This drives better organisational efficiency and streamlines processes for public bodies, as well as typically adding additional levels of security.

The Case for public sector cloud hosting

With technology becoming more and more integral to our lives, public services and organisations that do not offer seamless communication and connectivity are finding themselves unable to meet public demands and deliver positive end-user experiences to staff. With unique barriers often a hurdle to the public sector being able to adopt some new technologies, many organisations and local authorities are finding their on-premises hosted ERP is slow and clunky, not delivering what they need when they need it. That is why the new imperative in the public sector is to take their systems to the cloud (and take them there right now).

The advantages of public sector cloud hosting

Scale & flexibility

Many organisations need their ERP system to rapidly scale in response to changing demand or shifting leadership structures. That is where cloud hosting comes in.

For example, when a group of local authorities wanted to unify their services across the region, they turned to QuickThink Cloud for the solution. Hosting their ERP system in the cloud-enabled a more streamlined HR, Payroll and Finance experience for their ever-expanding client and recipient list. The reason for this is that cloud hosting platforms can automatically scale resources if the software needs expanding or there are a greater number of users, which ensures minimal downtime.

However, scalability is not always about scaling up. As the group’s business systems service and support manager said: “despite the increased agility afforded to us by the scalable cloud architecture [provided by QuickThink Cloud], the answer was not always to throw more capacity at it. In fact, quite often the answer was a collaboration to agree on innovative use of existing solutions – saving us money, as well as time.”

Geographical mobility

Decentralised infrastructure means staff can work from anywhere, and multiple locations can become unified under the same cloud platform. In any location with internet access, employees will be able to freely (and securely) access the files, applications, media, and ERP systems they need to carry out their duties – enabling offsite collaboration.

Cloud hosting enabled one non-profit health organisation with a team dispersed across 20 countries and 40 offices to unify their processes for finances, payroll, and project spending. The non-profit immediately noticed system speed increases as a result. Now, the organisation is seeing better productivity and performance across their network of teams. A worldwide organisation, a cloud-based solution.

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There is a common misconception that cloud technologies represent a relinquishment of data control and security. In fact, the opposite is often true. Take QuickThink Cloud’s collaboration with an FTSE 250 index company to improve their handling of large volumes of data and financial information. Here, security was of paramount importance, and cloud hosting (alongside highly responsive technical support) provided the ideal solution.

In the public sector, this is no different. Cloud technologies are constantly being upgraded, ensuring they always deliver the highest levels of system security. More than that, because the data is stored across multiple data centres, organisations have a reduced risk of data loss through physical server failures or natural disasters.

Technical support

The benefits of cloud hosting go beyond the hosting itself and the resultant ERP software optimisation. Cloud hosting providers will also be on hand to deliver technical support around the clock, meaning your internal team can spend less time troubleshooting and more time optimising processes for the future – using cloud hosting as a literal platform from which to grow.

One local council said about QuickThink Cloud’s technical assistance: “their issue resolution and problem-solving is truly refreshing, in addition to just getting the job done and delivering.” The right technical support partner will also explain the resolution in an approachable, easy to understand way. The result? Effective knowledge transfer into internal teams, enabling better issue resolution in the future from within the organisation. This is not external support replacing internal project teams; this is helping your internal team perform better.

Upgrades & optimisation

Cloud hosting becomes ever more essential when local authorities are looking to upgrade their systems. Why invest in transitioning from legacy hardware and outdated software to a slick new system without the optimal hosting capabilities? Cloud hosting allows organisations to streamline their upgrade process and deploy new software in the right way. With the cloud, new processes, systems (and in particular) ERP software can be seamlessly integrated and implemented across organisations without lengthy manual migrations and disruption.

This proved true for a local council that needed to reduce spending on IT infrastructure without compromising on quality. In 2018, they began a milestone upgrade with the help of

QuickThink Cloud and a service support partner. The result was a more cost-effective, updated solution that met their requirements and continues to perform with regular monitoring, support, and optimisation assistance.

Cloud hosting for public sector organisations with QuickThink Cloud

QuickThink Cloud offers the complete package of Unit4 technical services. From seamless cloud hosting to highly responsive managed technical support, they are enabling a wide range of public bodies to boost their organisational agility and performance.


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