schools can save cash on computer equipment

Schools can save cash on computer equipment including laptops, desktops and tablets under a new deal offered by the Department for Education

The Department for Education (Dfe) has announced today that it is offering schools the chance to save money on tablets, laptops and desktop devices.

The government say schools thinking of investing in new tablets, laptops or desktop devices this year could save thousands of pounds by taking advantage of a new deal being negotiated by DfE and Crown Commercial Services (CCS).

Open to all publicly funded education organisations

The so-called ‘aggregation opportunities’ are available to all publicly funded education customers, including council-maintained schools, academies, university technical colleges (UTCs) and free schools.

To qualify, schools need to submit their requirements for new devices to CCS at by 10 February 2017. A webinar available to view on GOV.UK explains the process in greater detail.

CCS will liaise with suppliers to get the best price when all requests have been received. Schools will be notified after the contract is awarded on 28 March 2017; they can then place their orders and arrange for payment at the agreed price.

Encouraging suppliers to offer better deals

This is the first in an ongoing programme of CCS deals aimed at helping schools save money. School leaders have warned that small schools in particular risk becoming financially unviable due to the impact of funding cuts.

The aggregation of IT requirements from schools and academies across the country means higher volume orders, a consequence of which is that suppliers are encouraged to offer significant discounts, creating value for money for the education sector.

Improving access to digital devices and education in the skills needed to utilise them will be vital if the government wishes to make progress on closing the productivity gap in the UK economy. MPs warned last year that the skills gaps is a real issue for the UK, costing the economy around £63bn a year in lost income.

Future procurement opportunities are scheduled for late April/early May (to allow for summer delivery of devices), Autumn 2017 and Spring 2018. Additional procurement dates will be announced at a later date.


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