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In recognition of stress awareness month, Speech Pathologist, Martha Payne shares 8 effective tips on how to manage stress in your business

Being ambitious in your entrepreneurial journey is a positive thing, but then it precipitates stress, frustrations, and feelings of overwhelm. That is why you need to learn how to lower the impact of stress in your life. Below are 8 highly effective tips on how to manage stress in your business:

  1. Rank your tasks

When you have so many tasks to attend to simultaneously, chances are that you will not do any of them to satisfactory standards. Lowered productivity and output is one of the leading causes of stress amongst business leaders. Instead of trying to do everything at once, it is advisable that you write down everything that you need to complete, rank them according to priority, and then focus on one task at a time. You won’t be overwhelmed by unnecessary tasks.

  1. Automate

Technology can help you manage your employees, analyze sales, reach out to potential markets, and streamline operations in your businesses. Online scheduling, for example, will help you schedule meetings without needing a pen and paper. Technology will help you hire and manage remote employees, so you don’t have to worry about office space. It lowers your overhead costs. All these factors make technology an invaluable tool for reducing stress in business.

  1. Invest in emotional monitoring

The fear of failure and the anxiety of an uncertain business landscape can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. Maybe you need financial funding, but investors seem not to buy your idea. You now don’t feel like persisting anymore, but then you fear that giving up now will be the end of your entrepreneurial journey. If you are in a low-mood state, you might choose to quit persisting. If, on the other hand, you are in control of your emotions, you will be able to motivate yourself to continue pushing.

  1. Take breaks

You are not getting anywhere despite your persistence? Take a short break and try again later. Stressing about the problem over and over will not offer you any solutions. Stepping out of the office for a cup of coffee or for a stroll at the park will refresh, calm you, and prevent burnout. Ideas will get clearer after that. If you don’t want to leave the office, watching a funny video or chatting with a colleague can help. 

  1. Build connections

As much as you are a busy person these days, try your best not to break connections with your loved ones. Ensure that your relationship with your family keeps thriving even when you are chasing your entrepreneurial dreams. You won’t believe how helpful your spouse will be at soothing your stress when you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Find help from a life coach

A life coach is not a mentor or therapist. A mentor will push you to succeed in business, a therapist will help you navigate different challenges in your life, but a life coach will do both and more. You just need to know how to find a life coach and most of your stress management issues will be tackled in a professional way. You should ask for a free consultation session with a life coach just to determine if the coach is a good fit for your needs or if you are comfortable opening up to them. Hire them if they make you feel at ease.

  1. Focus on helping other people

Shift the focus from your problems and focus on helping other people overcome their challenges. That way, you spend less time worrying about the things you cannot accomplish. Also, knowing that you have helped someone or that you have mentored a junior employee in their professional life will bring you happiness and satisfaction. That is exactly what you need to keep stress at bay.

  1. Avoid procrastination

Unless you are pressed for time or you don’t have the resources needed to do it here and now, please don’t postpone it. Postponing today’s problems for tomorrow means that tomorrow’s problems will pile on today’s problem, and the pattern will continue. Your stress levels will only escalate. To counter this, you could try investing in time management courses in London and learn the fundamental aspects of successfully managing your time and boost your ability to get more things done each day.


If you wish to enjoy the many perks that come with owning your own business, you need to implement the 8 stress management tips we have discussed. The tips will also help you set the company on track and minimize the impact of the many downsides to business ownership and leadership.


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