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Eye health technology

Clinical Endpoints and data management in the era of ophthalmic precision medicine

Eric Buckland of Translational Imaging Innovations and Ronald Schuchard, Clinical Product Development Expert, explore the benefits of ophthalmic precision medicine to improve patient care across sectors.

Peripheral neuropathy: Tracking gait and biomarkers to keep feet healthy and whole

Novel smart insole solution helps people with diabetes ensure foot health, by preventing peripheral neuropathy ulcers and falls.
exposome concept, human disease

Studying the exposome concept for a healthier future for all children

Dr. Irene van Kamp, from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, discusses the exposome concept to study the role of the environment in human disease.
radiation blood test, nuclear reactors

The Ukraine war highlights the need for a fast radiation blood test

Dr Quinton Fivelman, Chief Scientific Officer at London Medical Laboratory, says fighting near Ukraine’s nuclear power facilities brings home the need for a rapid radiation blood test.
long covid test, immune monitoring

Could immune monitoring be the route to a Long COVID test?

Dr. Shivani Amdekar, Medical Director at Oxford Immune Algorithmics, believes deep immune monitoring could be the key to creating a Long COVID test.
cognitive decline alzheimers

What is the reason for cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease?

New tech has helped confirm that the destruction of brain synapses underlies the cognitive deficits experienced by patients with Alzheimer’s
omic research, IMforFUTURE

Training the next generation of omics researchers

Dr Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat (statistics) and Dr Gastone Castellani (biophysics) from the University of Bologna, Italy, organised innovative interdisciplinary training in multi-omics research within the IMforFUTURE project, which focused on communication between wet and dry lab.
dark genome, mental disorders

‘Dark genome’ research suggests better treatment for mental disorders

Researching DNA outside of our genes, analysing the ‘dark genome’, scientists have found evolved proteins which can distinguish between schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, improving diagnosis and treatment.
identity depression

Scientists to identify depression and antidepressant efficiency via blood tests

Researchers at the University of Chicago are believed to be one step closer in the development of blood tests to identify depression.
gene severe covid, alzheimers

Scientists identify gene linking severe COVID and Alzheimer’s

A new study has uncovered a gene that links severe COVID and Alzheimer's, via "immune system changes" that can happen in both conditions.
brain immune response, viral encephalitis

Filling in the gaps of brain immune response

Open Access Government spoke to Dr Robyn S. Klein, MD, PhD, about her ground-breaking work in neuroimmunology and the path to understanding the links between viral encephalitis and memory disorders.
long COVID patient, blood-clot

Long COVID patients face increased levels of blood-clotting

Study suggests that long COVID patients are more likely to face blood-clots - even if they appeared okay, their clotting biomarkers were significantly high.
blood test schizophrenia, epigenetics schizophrenia

Scientists are creating a blood test to predict schizophrenia

The team at Baylor College of Medicine are combining machine learning with a blood test, to hopefully reveal markers of early schizophrenia.
blood test dementia, psychiatric

Finnish scientists invent blood test for dementia

A new study by the University of Eastern Finland finds that a blood test could help to diagnose patients with frontotemporal dementia.
symptom tracking, biomarkers

Novel digital biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis and tracking of symptoms in patients...

Dr Rutger Zietsma – CEO at Manus Neurodynamica Ltd – and PD Dr Angela Deutschländer share their vision on earlier diagnosis and objective symptom tracking with the NeuroMotor PenTM.
brain tissue, neuron

Next Generation Sequencing: The analysis of synthetic biology signatures in brain tissue

Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead, Wyss Institute at Harvard, tells us all about Next Generation Sequencing in analysing synthetic biology signatures in brain tissue.
executive dysfunction and ptsd, brain

Scientists find link between emotional regulation and PTSD

Researchers believe that they have found a PTSD marker in the brain region associated with emotional regulation - with the marker being strongest in people with "impaired executive dysfunction".
depression and bipolar disorder, blood biomarkers

Scientists create blood test for depression and bipolar disorder

Indiana University of Medicine researchers spent four years developing a blood test to identify depression and bipolar disorder - they say this work will bring psychiatry from "the 19th century into the 21st".
predict severe covid, blood

Scientists find that elevated neutrophils can predict severe COVID and death

Researchers at Yale believe that blood tests could predict severe or critical COVID cases, because blood holds a series of interesting biological signals about a person.
bipolar disorder patients, LEF1

Why doesn’t lithium work for 70% of bipolar disorder patients?

Salk Institute scientists believe they have solved this mystery for bipolar disorder patients - the answer involves a specific gene, and proposes changes to the future of treatment.

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