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Understanding cancer through molecular cell biology

Progress in Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy of Cancer Requires Rethinking of European Reimbursement Practices for Mutation Testing

Focusing on paediatric cancers

Epigenetic changes play a critical role in the development of paediatric cancers. Ivan Stamenkovic, Professor of Pathology, explains

Photodynamic Therapy – radiotherapy for the 21st Century

Photodynamic Therapy is a treatment that combines a photosensitizing drug, visible light and oxygen to kill cancer cells. Professor Eli Glatstein explains

The DIDO Project: autoimmune disease therapies research

University of Perugia’s Ursula Grohmann and Antonio Macchiarulo share the work of the DIDO project in understanding cancer and autoimmune disease therapies

Pancreatic cancer: A three-pronged attack

Science Information Officer Dr Catherine Pickworth outlines the work being carried out by Cancer Research UK to fight against pancreatic cancer

Childhood cancer trends: how to interpret new findings

Dr Eva Steliarova, Scientist at IARC’s Section of Cancer Surveillance explains how research results can be used to reduce the burden of cancer in children

Image-guided surgery as an emerging treatment for lung cancer

Sumith A Kularatne, Vice President of Research & Development at On Target Laboratories discusses the scope of image-guided surgery in treating lung cancer

Cancer immunotherapy: Are we ready to take the next big step?

Sumith A Kularatne of On Target Laboratories, LLC highlights cancer immunotherapy as the treatment of the year to target cancer cells

Identifying pancreatic cysts that might turn into cancer

There are many challenges associated with identifying potentially cancerous pancreatic cysts. Here, Dr. Annabelle L. Fonseca et al explain

Using Positron Emission Mammography to detect breast cancer

Dr Alla Reznik, Canada Research Chair in Physics of Medical Imaging, explains how Positron Emission Mammography is effective when detecting breast cancer

Jammed inert particles and their role in understanding cancer

Professor Roberto Cerbino of the University of Milan discusses how cell tissues may be ruled by the same laws of jammed inert particles

Cancer Drugs Fund was “politically and intellectually lazy”

The Cancer Drugs Fund, set up to pay for medication not funded by the NHS, was a “huge waste of money” and caused unnecessary suffering for patients

Fighting against breast cancer in Canada

Canadian Cancer Society’s Dr Rob Nuttall and Shawn Chirrey explain how fighting against breast cancer requires ongoing support for research and screening

New developments in breast cancer treatment found

A mechanism used by breast cancer cells to grow and spread has been discovered. This has the potential to open the way for a new generation of treatments
Financing cancer research in Italy

Financing cancer research in Italy

AIRC is involved in financing cancer research in Italy, helping researchers produce quality projects. Professor Federico Caligaris Cappio explains
chemotherapy predicting cancer treatment outcome

Tissue-scale factors in predicting cancer treatment outcome

Zhihui Wang and Vittorio Cristini provide evidence that could improve the success of treatment plans and make predicting cancer treatment outcome easier Current processes for creating cancer treatment plans are primarily based on empirical data from clinical trials, consensus expert panel guidelines, and limited laboratory-based testing. Physicians still face major...
obesity epidemic and cancer woman scales

The obesity epidemic and cancer: A disaster in the making?

IARC’s Véronique Terrasse highlights the link between the growing obesity epidemic and cancer in countries around the world, with some alarming statistics The obesity1 epidemic is reaching alarming proportions in many countries and has become a major public health concern in both developed and low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Indeed, the...
cancer research and training

Cancer research and training take centre stage in NCI’s work

Open Access Government spoke to the National Cancer Institute’s Dr S Percy Ivy about cancer research and training and the importance of clinical trials The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is one of 27 institutes that make up the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NCI is the US federal government’s...
gynaecological cancer treatment advances

How far have we come on treating gynaecological cancer?

New avenues are opening up for treatment of gynaecological cancer, Professor Gunnar Kristensen of Oslo University Hospital explains to Open Access Government Surgery remains an important step in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Two earlier randomised studies revealed the same survival rates for patients who had surgery as the first...
Paediatric oncology drug development conference 2016

Innovative oncology drug development: Why not children?

SIOPE asks why therapies made available for adults are not extended to children with cancer, and why paediatric oncology drug development is lagging behind Thanks to the increasing introduction of molecular targeting and personalised medicine strategies, innovative medicines and treatments are nowadays available for adults with cancer. Widespread access to...

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