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trans disciplinary approach, the university of texas

A trans-disciplinary approach to cancer research

The use of a trans-disciplinary approach to cancer research is necessary for complex systems like tumors.
Cancer, Healthcare research, OAG 021- January 2019

ChiLTERN: European project to improve outcome of children with liver cancer

In this analysis, Professor Keith Wheatley tells us about The ChiLTERN project, the most comprehensive research study ever undertaken in children’s liver cancer
heat shock proteins

The role of heat shock proteins (HSPs) in cancer cells

Chester Medical School highlights the importance of heat shock proteins (HSPs) in cancer cells and how we might utilise them therapeutically
therapeutic drug monitoring

Point-of-care devices technology for therapeutic drug monitoring in cancer treatment and beyond

Christian Siebel and Dott.ssa Bianca Posocco detail the work of DIACHEMO, a Euroepan project developing a platform technology for point-of-care devices for chemotherapeutics and other drugs.

Bowel cancer – time to test at an earlier age

Your toilet habits can help determine what is going on inside your body and with Brits spending the equivalent of eight months of their adult life sat on the toilet, it is time to test for bowel cancer at an earlier age

Biomarkers and patients’ access to personalised oncology drugs in Europe

Heinz Zwierzina M.D., CDDF Managing Director tells us all about biomarkers and patients’ access to personalised oncology drugs in Europe in this insightful article
mouth cancer patients

Call for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to put an end to...

The Oral Health Foundation is calling for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to combat the discriminatory costs of ongoing healthcare that survivors are often burdened with
Mouth Cancer Action Month

Mouth Cancer Action Month: What causes mouth cancer?

Dr. Harold Katz, dentist, bacteriologist and developer of The Breath Company discusses what are the main causes of mouth cancer in aid of Mouth Cancer Action Month
functional metagenomics

Functional metagenomics: Keys to modern biotechnology and new drugs

Professor Wolfgang Streit from the University of Hamburg details how functional metagenomics applies to modern biotechnology, new drugs and much more.
prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer UK calls for screening programme and more research

Angela Culhane, Prostate Cancer UK Chief Executive discusses the tools needed to create a screening programme to stop prostate cancer killing men.
early-stage lung cancer

New operating procedure gives hope to early-stage lung cancer

An innovative new surgery could provide a breakthrough in treating early-stage lung cancer, based on a review of some of the first patients to receive the treatment.

Experts say radiotherapy is ‘undervalued’ and ‘needs greater investment’

A new report by the Marie Curie Legacy campaign suggests at least a quarter of cancer patients in Europe who need radiotherapy don't receive it.
technology centres

Business Secretary announces 5 new technology centres to help save lives

The UK’s Artificial Intelligence revolution gets new backing, as the Business Secretary announces five new technology centres of excellence for digital pathology and imaging, including radiology, using AI medical advances
public benefit

The advancement of cancer research for the public benefit

The mission of the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR) to advance cancer research for the public benefit is placed under the spotlight here by Open Access Government
physical activity

PHE launch new physical activity resource for health professionals

Public Health England, Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine and Sport England have joined forces to release a new physical activity resource for professionals in the healthcare sector.
regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine to trump cancer

A group of academic experts from the U.S. and the UK share their views on effective regenerative medicine-based strategies against cancer
acute myeloid leukaemia

Living with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Bethany Torr, Campaigns and Advocacy Officer at Leukaemia Care explores the challenges of living with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)
cures for paediatric cancers

The quest to find cures for paediatric cancers

Ivan Stamenkovic and Nicolò Riggi from the University of Lausanne lift the lid on the quest to find cures for paediatric cancers, in this special feature
acute myeloid leukaemia

CD33-directed therapy: Current and future perspectives on targeted therapy in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML)

Mohammed Gbadamosi and Jatinder K Lamba from Department of Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research at the University of Florida explain CD33-directed therapy for acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), focussing on current and future perspectives

State-of-the-art technology for natural radioactivity removal in groundwater

Anna Goi, Senior Research Scientist at the Tallinn University of Technology turns our thoughts towards state-of-the-art technology for natural radioactivity removal in groundwater.

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