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Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research

Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research

Prof Dr Michael Roth (PhD) at University Hospital Basel looks at pneumology & pulmonary cell research, in this profile of the organisation's research
embryo DNA

Embryo DNA edited to remove blood disorder by Chinese researchers

Scientists in China have managed to eradicate beta-thalassemia from embryo DNA using precise 'chemical surgery' in a world first

Innovation in the healthcare sector

France’s Ministry of Solidarity and Health say innovation in the healthcare sector is imperative and that decision makers must work to transform the system

Nutrition research is vital for healthy outcomes

Dr Christopher Lynch, Director of the Office of Nutrition Research explores the links between diet and health in an interview with Editor Laura Evans

Type 1 diabetes: A serious chronic disease

University of Oulu’s Professor Riitta Veijola discusses the impact of Type 1 diabetes on society and the challenges associated with tackling the disease

Tackling chronic diseases through innovative health

John Bowis, Honorary President of Health First Europe highlights how innovations in health are helping with tackling chronic diseases

Innovative solutions for healthcare challenges

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis spoke at eHealth week in Riga about how digital applications are integral to tackling today’s health challenges in Europe When I started as a practising medical doctor, we kept handwritten health records and had face to face consultations. There was no...

Preventing chronic diseases through lifestyle

Chronic diseases account for the vast majority of deaths in European countries. Cardiovascular disease accounts for about 40% of deaths, with about 15% of deaths from ischaemic heart disease, 10% from strokes, and 25% from cancer. If simple lifestyle changes could reduce the risk of chronic disease, people could...

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