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DNA markers

DNA markers for wheat genetic improvement

Director of USDA Central Small Grain Genotyping Lab, Guihua Bai turns the spotlight on to the wonderful world of wheat and DNA markers
chemical biology

Chemical biology: A chance conversation but an important question

Research professor Prof Colin J Suckling OBE DSc FRSE discusses his engagement with medicinal chemistry and chemical biology
embryo DNA

Embryo DNA edited to remove blood disorder by Chinese researchers

Scientists in China have managed to eradicate beta-thalassemia from embryo DNA using precise 'chemical surgery' in a world first
£300m funding for UK genomics research

Scientists discover how to hack computers using DNA

‘Sci fi becomes real’ as scientists in Washington use information stored in DNA to hack computers

Scientists reveal first 3D images of DNA in living human cells

Scientists at the Salk Institute in California have generated the first 3D images of human DNA structure inside living cells

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