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Will waste fuel our aeroplanes? How sustainable transport could change the future

Waste Management professionals, Reconomy have teamed up with Mediaworks to find out if waste will be used as the new fuel for our aeroplanes.
Low Carbon Combustion Centre

JETSCREEN: Streamlining the development of sustainable aircraft fuels

Dr Simon Blakey discusses JETSCREEN and research into more efficient screening of aviation fuels, in turn hoping to reduce the substantial investment required.

2.7 million motorists denied new E10 petrol, report claims

A new report has revealed that more than 2.7 million motorists are being denied use of the optimal greener petrol and are witnessing a poorer performance in their vehicles using the existing E5 petrol.
E10 fuel

Government discuss E10 fuel in low carbon fuels consultation

The Department for Transport has launched a consultation today on whether and how it should introduce E10 fuel - which contains more bioethanol than traditional petrol - to the UK market
power companies

How are utilities and power companies performing in the digital market?

Digital has never been more important for utilities and power companies, especially in a time of customer fluidity and increased cost awareness 
electric vehicles

The future of electric vehicles

With the Government planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel, many drivers are concerned about the lack of charging points for electric vehicles

Survey shows decline in the number of UK forecourts since 2017

A survey held by the Energy Institute (EI) concluded that the amount of forecourts in the UK has dropped slightly since the end of 2017 The latest Retail Marketing Survey states that 8,442 forecourts are currently in operation, down by 47 since 2016. Findings from the report show an increase in...

In Malmö our waste becomes our fuel

Daniel Skog from the City of Malmo outlines how locally produced vehicle fuel could help the city’s transport become more sustainable In Malmö every third trip is done on a bicycle. Also the local railways and coming trams are experiencing increased business but still there is a need for sustainable...

Leading electronic control for vehicle energy optimisation

A key factor for environmentally-friendly fuel-efficient vehicles. In the near future, substantial changes in mobility and land transport will take place. Population growth, energy issues, environment preservation and improvement of life quality and mobility safety will require revolutionary innovations. The automotive industry will need to undergo a deep transformation to...

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