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Indigenous Greenland people standing in group in traditional clothing

Greenland’s Indigenous population supports sand extraction

Greenland's Indigenous population supports sand extraction and exports amid a rapidly growing global demand for these resources.
Indigenous man guiding people in Australia

Run up to COP27: recognising the importance of Indigenous leaders

COP26 President Alok Sharma to visit Australia and meet with Indigenous leaders and representatives to discuss climate action in preparation for COP27.
indigenous communities dementia, Tsimane and moseten

Lowest global rates of dementia in Indigenous communities

The healthier pre-industrial lifestyles which Indigenous communities live by present solutions in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia ­– as seen in their lower rates of the disease.
climate activists, international women's day

Five climate activists you need to know about 

We acknowledge five female climate activists, who are challenging gender norms and creating substantial change in global politics.
mali elephant, humans and nature

The value of nature

Recognising the complex, closely intertwined relationships between humans and nature can lead to better, more cost-effective decisions, outlines Susan Canney, Director of the Mali Elephant Project.
climate change justice

IPCC: Climate change policies are nothing without social justice

The new IPCC report describes the financial commitment of high carbon-emitting countries – but are climate change policies enough to support justice and stop the crisis?
food production, covid-19

Why forests are good for you: Food security and nutrition in Latin America

Debbie Pierce and Winy Vasquez examine the important role  forests have played in food security during the Covid-19 pandemic.
non-communicable diseases indigenous,

Study finds increase in hypertension for Indigenous communities 

With limited knowledge about how non-communicable diseases affect vulnerable populations, researchers find that indigenous people are unusually affected by hypertension.
respiratory health indigenous

Poor housing creates respiratory health issues for Indigenous children

In First Nation communities in Canada, poor housing conditions lead to frequent rates of respiratory infections - especially in children under three.
socioeconomic vulnerability

Climate change disproportionately impacts Indigenous communities

Research by the University of Waterloo reveals that Indigenous communities are at higher risk from climate change flooding, due to pre-existing socioeconomic vulnerability.
local ecological knowledge

Using local ecological knowledge to monitor Amazon wildlife

An international study demonstrates the importance of local ecological knowledge for conservation in the Amazon, proving to be more accurate than 10 years of conventional scientific studies.
ecology and conservation, diversity in ecology

New data highlights lack of diversity in ecology and conservation

Out of the top authors in ecology and conservation journals, 11% were by women and 75% of the articles focused on five countries in the Global North.
indigenous youth resilience, life

Indigenous youth resilience: Water protectors

Dr Dawn Martin-Hill and Dr Christine Wekerle from McMaster University highlight Indigenous youth resilience research, including comment on what water teaches us.
food security indigenous alaskans, indigenous hunter

Climate change risks food security for Indigenous Alaskans

Researchers say climate change is impacting food security for Indigenous Alaskans - seal hunting season is shortening in some areas.
president bolsonaro genocide, amazon indigenous

Indigenous group sues President Bolsonaro for “genocide”

The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) filed a case with the International Criminal Court (ICC), claiming that Brazilian President Bolsonaro has pushed "intentional anti-Indigenous policy" since 2019.
environmental justice, african american

Environmental Justice: Abandoning exclusivity for inclusive community-based solutions and approaches

Here, Tanya Khemet Taiwo, Bianca Yaghoobi, and Pamela J. Lein at University of California, Davis, discuss how to decolonise environmental justice.
neighbourhood disadvantage, structural racism

Researchers link “neighbourhood disadvantage” to higher COVID infections

A study on New York City neighbourhoods found that "neighbourhood disadvantage", a mix of inequality measurements, is connected to a higher rate of COVID-19 cases.
oil extraction sites, peruvian amazon

High blood lead levels found in people living near oil extraction sites

Indigenous communities in the Amazon have been found to have high blood levels due to illegal oil extraction sites, according to a new study.
indigenous societies, land management

Indigenous societies responsible for “millennia” of biodiversity

An interdisciplinary research team found that conservation efforts aiming to "return land to a pristine state" without humans will fail - as Indigenous societies are responsible for "millennia" of biodiversity.
illegal mining in amazon, mercury amazon

Illegal mining in Amazon releases mercury into Indigenous lands

The illegal mining of the Amazon rainforest continues through the COVID pandemic, with Indigenous communities experiencing the double-hit of mercury poisoning and "imminent violence".

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