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Therapies for weak muscles

Research into personalised interventions is helping pave the way for a new generation of therapies for weak muscles at the Balgrist Campus It is estimated that ten percent of the costs of health care in Switzerland (or an equivalent of 500 billion Euros per annum in the EU) being associated...
Alcoholic liver disease: why research is vital

Alcoholic liver disease: why research is vital

Integrated research can help understand the physiological pathways of alcoholic liver disease, says Dr Shilpa Chokshi, of the Foundation for Liver Research
drug development for neurodegenerative diseases concept

Time for a change of tack on drug development for neurodegenerative diseases?

UCB's Duncan McHale outlines why reclassification might be a good idea to boost drug development for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Neurodegenerative diseases are a growing global challenge, as medical advances ensure more individuals live longer. By 2020 there will be more than 40 million people in the world...
sustainability through technology wind farm

Sustainability through technology: The power of N

Popularism and bumper sticker science should not stop us tackling sustainability through technology, argues Ingenuity Lab Director Carlo Montemagno Ingenuity Lab is a unique organisation, designed and created to solve many of the grand challenges facing a modern world. Ingenuity Lab is a research organisation that focuses on the development...

Assessing climate change in the Arctic

Norwegian Polar Institute’s Director Jan-Gunnar Winther highlights the challenges associated with climate change in the Arctic and its global impact

Delivering flexible and secure energy solutions

Dom Barton, of Metropolitan Infrastructure Limited explores the national challenge to deliver sustainable, affordable and secure energy solutions

Is precision medicine for membranous nephropathy a dream?

Professor Pierre Ronco and Dr Hanna Debiec discuss the viability of precision medicine in treating patients with the rare disease membranous nephropathy

Truth and Reconciliation: What strides have been made?

How are Canadian higher education institutions responding to the truth and reconciliation commission’s calls to action? Brock University’s Dawn Zinga shares

iStorage introduce the most secure hard drives ever made

iStorage Limited reveal their new diskAshur range, which consists of the most secure hard drives and solid state drives on the market

Cancer immunotherapy: Are we ready to take the next big step?

Sumith A Kularatne of On Target Laboratories, LLC highlights cancer immunotherapy as the treatment of the year to target cancer cells

Electronics and photonics: Key enabling technologies

Slovak University of Technology’s Professor Daniel Donoval highlights the scope as well as the influence of electronics and photonics in the modern world

Identifying pancreatic cysts that might turn into cancer

There are many challenges associated with identifying potentially cancerous pancreatic cysts. Here, Dr. Annabelle L. Fonseca et al explain

Type 1 diabetes: A serious chronic disease

University of Oulu’s Professor Riitta Veijola discusses the impact of Type 1 diabetes on society and the challenges associated with tackling the disease

The development of anti-infective drugs

University of Strathclyde’s Professor Colin J Suckling shares research being undertaken into anti-infective and immunomodulatory drug discovery programmes

The evolution of malaria drug development

David H Peyton at Portland State University outlines how research has discovered that heme is key to malaria drug development

CATCH-IT: helping to prevent depression and mental illness

University of Illinois’ Dr. Benjamin Van Voorhees explains how the CATCH-IT intervention is fighting against depression using a behavioural vaccine approach

The pursuit for new strategies in drug development

Prof. Dr. Tanja Gaich, of the University of Konstanz – Department of Chemistry discusses new strategies in drug development and the challenges involved

Attracting talented researchers remains a focus of the SNSF

Open Access Government highlights how the SNSF is supporting science in Switzerland while attracting talented researchers into the field

The true value of industrial management and engineering

The Business Competence and Process Management RDI-group outline how industrial management and engineering degrees are valuable to businesses in Europe

Pharmacogenomics of polypharmacy in Alzheimer’s disease

Ramón Cacabelos of EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center details how the incorporation of pharmacogenomics to treat Alzheimer’s patients is crucial

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