Scientists reveal that tinnitus is possible COVID-19 symptom  

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The University of Manchester found that tinnitus could be a COVID-19 symptom – some patients of the virus are reporting a loss in hearing and ringing of the ears

Recently, individuals have been raising concerns about hearing loss as a side effect of the COVID vaccine. There is no evidence in clinical trials or real-world data that this is a problem caused by taking the vaccine – but when it comes to COVID itself, a new story is emerging.

Professor Bin Cao, National Center for Respiratory Medicine and researcher on long COVID, explained: “Because COVID-19 is such a new disease, we are only beginning to understand some of its long-term effects on patients’ health.”

Now, scientists in Manchester are unearthing connections between patients of COVID and tinnitus.

A long-time tinnitus sufferer explained their experience as generally painless, but said that it “impairs your hearing” and can be “irritating when it happens”.

Tinnitus is medically described as a ringing in the ears, but it also can sound like roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing. This can be loud or soft, high or low pitched and could impact both ears.

Viruses ‘can cause hearing loss’, says researcher

Kevin Munro, Professor of Audiology at The University of Manchester and Manchester BRC Hearing Health Lead, commented: “There is an urgent need for a carefully conducted clinical and diagnostic study to understand the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the auditory system.

“It is also well-known that viruses such as measles, mumps and meningitis can cause hearing loss; little is understood about the auditory effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

The NHS has included tinnitus in a list of long COVID symptoms, alongside problems with memory and depression.

‘The evidence base is growing’

Professor Kevin Munro and PhD researcher Ibrahim Almufarrij looked at 56 studies that linked COVID-19 to auditory problems, like loss of hearing and ringing in the ears.

They found that 7.6% of COVID patients experienced hearing loss, while 14.8% of them experienced tinnitus. A further 7.2% experienced vertigo, a loss of balance which occurs in people with ear damage.

In a separate study, Professor Munro found that over 13% of patients who were discharged from a hospital reported a change in their hearing. The team are conducting a long one-year study to further explore the link between COVID and ear damage.

Researcher Ibrahim Almufarrij explained: “Though the evidence is of varying quality, more and more studies are being carried out so the evidence base is growing. What we really need are studies that compare COVID-19 cases with controls, such as patients admitted to hospital with other health conditions.

“Though caution needs to be taken, we hope this study will add to the weight of scientific evidence that there is a strong association between Covid-19 and hearing problems.”


  1. I developed tinnitus a day after having the first Astrazeneca jab. I didn’t have tinnitus or covid before. In another thread several other people posted a similar experience.

    • yes I also developed a hissing tinnitus sound 3 days after AZ vaccine, never had this before. It is mild enough when other noises are present but when there is silence it is more noticeable…

    • about 4 hours after getting my first Pfizer shot ,my head started to feel as my ears needed to pop. There is pressure in my ears causing a constant motor running sound. When I walk I can hear my feet hit the ground and when I talk I can hear it from inside causing it difficult to hear other or to focus. I have never had ear problem in my life.

        • Hi Kirsten,
          Is this still happening to you ? My daughter had the 2nd Pfzizer vaccine and she is experiencing the same thing in one ear? It’s a constant noise. I’m really worried about her. She had her vaccine on 23rd April which is almost 3 weeks ago. These symptoms started after a week of having it. I’d like to know how you are now?
          Thank you

          • 10 days after vacation hissing in 1 and roaring in 1 ear started. It is getting unbearable now ..will this pass ?

      • I developed a high pitch constant “ringing” in both ears two days after receiving the first Pfizer shot.
        This has been going on for six weeks.

    • I have had tinnitus for many years but nothing like this. Its driving me insane! I had my 2nd Astra zenica jab yesterday. I didnt have this after the first one.

  2. Petunia29e I also developed tinnitus immediately following first shot of Moderna..along with extreme fatigue lasting two weeks, diarrhea one day, Tinnitus, nasty, still hanging in there….

  3. had vaccine with wife on on Saturday.

    Now her and myself have ringing in the ears Y=Tinnitus and its getting worse.

    Never had in my life before!.

  4. I’m having the same problem I had my 1st astrazeneca vaccine on the 25th Feb and have had tinnitus every since it so annoying I’ve never had it before or any other hearing problems

  5. 65 year old male from the steel city. 1st shot moderna 17 days ago. got a hissing day after. wasnt as bad today, but im putting off my second shot. Scared it will intensify it. I think there is a lot more cases due to under reporting. I will return to this site and let you no my status. I posted on another site like this one Drug discovery , I think is the name. Good luck to all and be safe. God bless . Steve in Pgh,Pa.

  6. I took vaccination for covid and now theerebis ringing in the ears as well as echo mof every sound ( unbearable).
    Why is it so ? What could I do ?

  7. I had my first injection of Astrazeneca on 10th Feb 2021 and on 7th March 2021 I woke up with hearing loss and increased tinnitus in my right ear. I am waiting for ENT hospital visit.

  8. I have hissing in ear and had one shot if miderna and 21/2 weeks after shot got this loud sound when like crystal hittin together. I am afraid to get second shot

  9. I had my first Astra Zeneca Vaccine 4 days ago and the ringing in ears is something that’s also affecting me. Never something I have suffered with previously.

    • Me too – I have now had it for two weeks and my doctors are refusing to acknowledge that it is vaccine related. I have never had tinnitus before nor have I ever had any kind of problem with my ears or hearing. I just want/need to know if this is permanent or temporary

  10. My Tinnitus volume has increased post Aztrazeneca vaccine. I very unsure as to whether I will have the second jab. If its the case that a Covid jab is essential every year their will be an expodental rise in tinnitus. Research into tinnitus is grossly underfunded so perhaps this potential side effect of both the virus and vaccine will prompt the UK and USA gov to adequately fund research.

    • A week after taking my first dose of Astrazenica I am now dead in my right ear, as well as having Tinnitus. Makes me concerned about taking another shot of anything.

  11. I got tinnitus a day after my first astra zeneca vaccine. Never had it before and now it’s so intrusive it’s affecting the quality of my life and my well being. I may never enjoy silence again. I could care less it affects statistically very few people. It affects me and others and we may well have to live with the consequences of this jab for the rest of our lives. I would rather have take my chances with Covid.

    • I completely agree and it looks like it is affecting more and more people but it has still not been officially reported as a side effect. People should be able to make informed decisions about their health and the risks involved in taking or not taking the vaccine.

  12. 5 days after 1st AstraZeneca vaccine I stared having an intermittent feeling of blockage in one ear. Now, 10 days later I only have approx 80% hearing in that ear and developed tinnitus, which I’ve never suffered from before.

  13. I had my 2nd Moderna vaccine on March 29th. At 5pm, I got tired and had to lay down. By the next morning, I was running a fever and was dizzy. Nausea. I managed to work as I work from home. I went to bed by 6:30, slept until 6:00 Wednesday morning. More of the same. By yesterday afternoon, I had some dizziness but not constant, and went to bed at 8:00. Slept til 6:00 am. No fever. The worst tinnitus And I don’t usually have ringing in the ear.. I’m very active. I had to cancel my entire week due to side effects which I’m cautious to report. Don’t want anyone to not get the vaccine.

    • Hi I’ve had tinnitus for 30yrs in my right ear I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy that’s why having read so many
      Bad reports about having the vaccine I won’t have it! If it gave even worse tinnitus and poss could be in my left ear!
      I know I wouldn’t be able to cope!!! People who don’t suffer with tinnitus DONT UNDERSTAND!

  14. I got the Pfizer vaccine and within a few hours it felt as though there was a blockage in my left ear, same side I got my vaccine on. My face felt very hot and left side of face was sore. After blockage cleared ringing in ear started. It felt like after a few days it got better but I woke up last night with it worse and couldn’t get back to sleep. Has anyone gotten their vaccine a while ago and had the ringing get better?? I am scared to get my second shot next week. I really want my hearing back to normal 🙁

  15. I received my second dose of Pfizer 9 days ago. I suffered a fever the first and second night, chills, body aches, but the only thing that has not gone away is the ringing in my ears. I’ve always had very good hearing and I noticed the ringing about 40 hours after my second shot. The ringing has remained fairly constant and consistent. At night, when it’s quiet, is when it’s the worst and is when it’s most noticeable. During the day it’s not as noticeable. I have been suffering from seasonal allergies as well, so maybe it’s all contributing, but it seems like no coincidence that I developed ringing less than 48 hours after the vaccine. I’ve had the ringing for roughly one week now. Has anyone had the ringing, after the second dose, and had it go away? Please let us know. It is a bit concerning.

    • Has your ringing gone away? I got my second shot amd the ringing started 48 hours after. It’s been 2 weeks for me. I hope it goes away.

  16. I am 2 weeks after my second Pfizer shot and the ringing in the ears started about 1 day after the second shot. It has not gotten any better very worried this will be permanent. Has it gone away for anyone?

  17. It’s almost 3 in the morning yet again I can’t sleep the noise in my head is so loud I do takes pill if and when I need it for the ringing but this hasn’t stopped in over 2weeks it’s never been so bad and my right ear has now started to pain me I had one vaccine due my next one in late may really don’t know what to do no point in even asking my GP she will just say have it right now I don’t want it but it’s all so worrying who are we supposed to believe in I also had pain heat in my calfs had a blood test levels raised was on blood thinners for 4days then had an ultrasound I was ok but the vaccine Did raise my levels

  18. I have rare sounds in my ears and my head.I am a post covid long-hauler ana I had my first AZ jab the 11th of March 2021.I do not know if it is due to covid or AZ jab.The question is that this issue is unstandable and its o is accompanied by a headache and dizziness.

  19. 2 days after my 1st Pfizer covid shot on left arm my ears got plugged. I took the shot in left arm and my left ear got clogged worse than the right and have ringing in my left ear. Got my second shot didn’t seem to effect the symptoms I all ready had. Going to ENT specialist as it’s been 4 weeks now. I am now taking prednisone as it has shown to stop the ringing.

    • Hi Steve,
      Have you seen any improvement? I’m going to an ENT tomorrow. I haven’t slept in days. This is so frustrating.

      • I’ve just been told that I have to wait 58 weeks for an ENT appointment. I too would like to know if it will go away. I haven’t slept properly for two weeks now

      • I have the same issues after getting my first Pfizer shot today. After getting a kind of pressure on my left ear i thought lets look if there is any info on internet. And it looks like there are pretty much repots of this in combo with tinnitus (which i already had for a couple of years. Only it’s worsen and the pressure is new for me. There are reports that it could be a side effect of stress (meaning due Covid-19 and all it causes in society) still if you’re aible to go to a doctor than i would do this ( i live in the Netherlands where that is no issue but my parents live in USA and so i know that its not a given for all to get help so good luck if thats the case if i have news i will ad it tomorrow

        • Hello Andre, i felt a change in pressure in my left ear aprox 45 minutes after the first Pfizer shot on June 8th. One week later the tinnitus started in both ears in combination with a massive headache. Have it for three weeks now. It’s worse at night and gets better during the day. Was the huisarts / general practitioner if any help ? I have my second shot next week and don’t know what to do with it.

  20. I had the Pfizer covid 19 vaccine 2nd shot on March 23rd. Approximately 7 days later I started having hearing loss and ringing in both ears. I thought it was wax build up but not in both ears at the same time. Is there anything I can do to help with this issue?

  21. Had the Astra Zeneca jab 2 weeks ago and my my hearing went yesterday afternoon, felt like being under water. Very disconcerting. Back to normal today.

  22. A message from The Netherlands –

    I was (very likely) infected with Covid in March 2020 – suffered severe dry coughing (as if I were choking) for approximately 3 months – then had severe intestinal pain and partial blockage for stool – and then from September 2020 the tinnitus (hizzing) started – and still is not over … (actually got slightly worse last month) together with feeling of some kind of blockage in the right ear …

    Still no clue how to resolve this – iron deficiency might be a cause – or some kind of infection without fever as over- or autoimmune reaction by my immune system (above I read someone was treated with prednisone and the symptoms disappeared?) – a small blood cloth maybe?

    • Hoi Martin weird om Nederlanders hier tegen te komen. I will write English so everyone who wants can read it. Today i got my first Pfizer shot and ringing (which i already had for a year or 8 though not as bad as since this moment and the pressure is weird like i am in a airplane. About your question about Prednisone that is usually a a antibiotic not for blood clots (i am no doctor so better call yours) good luck i will ad if i have more after going to mine.

  23. 22 days after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine I woke up with a nearly dead left ear. Ringing and most frequencies gone. A week later nothing has changed. I’ve had temporary partial hearing loss from painkillers years ago, it came back in a few days. It was like a crackle, I could still hear. This time there is no reason and it is much worse. Had I known this I probably wouldn’t have got the shot. So the vaccine is being suspended because 6 women got blood clots, but now I’m reading hundreds of reports of tinnitus and hearing loss and nobody has said a word?

  24. Interesting, I was given the AZ vaccine on the 8th February, within a few days my existing tinnitus increased substantially and has remained so ever since. I have just been given the date of my second jab which is on Friday 16th April….worried to say the least. 63 year old male.

    • Hi Steve. How did you go after the second jab? I too had my existing tinnitus worsen badly after my first jab. Still the same 10 weeks on. It’s horrific. 2nd jab due in 10 days, not sure what to do. ( I also had very bad headaches/pains/dizziness/brain fog for 9 weeks…)

      • Hi Lorrain, I had my second jab as planned, a bit wreckless I know, but suffered no further worsening of my increased level of tinnitus My original tinnitus was caused by just 3 days on Sertraline nearly 5 years ago…I seem ultra sensitive to meds. Hope you fare better….let us know.

  25. Never had a problem with my hearing . Two days after my second shot I have ringing in the left ear. It has been a month now and it is still there.

  26. Had the AstraZeneca jab four weeks ago now both ears are like filled up but no infection and a hissing and loud sound like galloping horses had this for about ten days the hospital said see gp for referral ent it’s effecting my life and sleep hope it’s not this jab

  27. Same here, sinopharm vaccine, first dose, a week later loud ringing and hissing sound in both ears for 3 days then only in one ear and its been going on now for 5 weeks … dont know what to do…

  28. I really need to know if the tinnitus gets worse with the second shot because I am definitely not getting it if the answer is yes.
    I can barely deal with what I have now, which started two days after the first shot.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Is it going to get worse?

    Please reply.

  29. You all deserve to hear some good news.
    Male, age 67.
    Had the first Moderna shot on Feb 20. 10 days later, the onset of Tinnitus. It lessened considerably two days before the second shot.
    Had the second Moderna shot on March 20. Tinnitus returned worse than before, and persisted until yesterday… a significant lessening and then today, completely gone!
    On advice of my doctor, I took Alegra, an anti-histamine, and Flonaiz, a decongestant. Read somewhere here that it might resolve in 6 weeks or so… if this really has fully resolved (only time will tell), it did so in 4 weeks. No guarantee, of course, that it may return.
    In the past, I’ve had a few bouts of vertigo (for which I took Antivert) but never any history of Tinnitus.
    I am a professional chess players and so, I am VERY relieved to get some relief.
    I wish others the same good fortune!!
    Good health, all.

  30. This is interesting as I too developed tinnitus after 1rst shot of Pfizer. Definately not getting booster. Will try Allegra to see if helps. I try to ignore it but can be frustrating. Hope eventually goes away.

    • Same here. 1st Pfizer shot was 20 days ago. Ive had ringing in both ears for almost 2 weeks now. Noticed it days after getting the shot. Did Allegra help? Wax buildup? ND told me to use a herbal called VertigoPas?

  31. I have the ringing in my ears, crickets all of the noises it never stops I’ve had both moderate shots I think I had COVID February 1 2020 I was in a coma for 10 days and on a respirator right before all this came out I am just about going crazy with this noise is there any help for this I still don’t know if I had covid

  32. I have woken up frequently at two am since i had the az vaccine with loud ringing in my ears. Never had this problem before. Hope it goes soon.

  33. I received my first Covid vaccine on April 9 the Madura just a little soreness in the arm that’s all but now April 23 I have a scratchy throat and ringing in my right ear and it’s not going away there is a baby in the house that was sick she had a slight cough runny nose cough sounded like whooping cough but She didn’t cough that much then she got an ear infection so they put her on anabiotic‘sI don’t know if my symptoms are due to her or due to the vaccine

  34. I had my first AZ in February and have also developed very annoying loud buzzing in both ears shortly after the vaccine. Second one due tomorrow- I just hope the tinnitus doesn’t get worse.
    Not looking forward to it

    • I too have ringing in the ears after my second AZ vaccine two weeks ago,No reaction to the first shot but developed skin irritation on legs and arms horrible raised spots like a rash and and loud ringing in the ears these symptoms still on going 2 weeks later.

  35. I got the first vaccination a week ago and got tinnitus right after 2 hours and is still there after 7 days.

  36. I had my second Pfizer Covid vaccine on March 17, 2021.
    About 48 hours later, I began having ringing in both ears.
    I’m seeing my general practitioner and an ENT.
    Very difficult to sleep at night.

  37. Could anyone else (besides Jon, April 19) let us know if their tinnitus (caused or worsened by 1st AZ jab) got worse/better after the 2nd jab, please? Thanks!

    • I had my second AZ dose a week ago, I developed Tinnitus a few weeks after the first dose but only mildly, at the time I didn’t associate it with the vaccine. With the second dose the Tinnitus got worse the day after and is really bad and dominates every other sound.

  38. Had 1st dose of AZ on 26th February in Southampton, 4 weeks later Tinnitus started and occasional pains in head (head feels full) but not a continual headache just pains now and again. Second dose due 14th May, I’ve been on new blood thinners for Atrial Fibrillation for years. Not sure I want second dose.

  39. I developed severe tinittus 2 days after my first AZ vaccination. No data available at that time linking vaccine. 2 ENT consultations and audiology test showed nothing irregular. I had my second vaccination 3 weeks ago and the tinnitus has become even worse and vertigo has joined in in the last 7 days. Please keep me posted if anyone finds relief or a cure!!!

  40. I took Covishield vaccine 1st dose (like AstraZeneca) on 13March. Few days later, my right ear felt blocked and felt dizzy at times.. some hearing loss too. Thought it was due to medication (Tamsulosin).
    Had 2nd dose in May, some ear drops too but hearing loss remains. Now realising its due to vaccine. There is a lockdown here so treatment options are difficult. Please do share treatment done and results. Thanks.

  41. I had 1st Astra Zenica jab 3rd March, developed mild intermittent ringing in both ears soon afterwards, which wasn’t bothering me.I hardly noticed it and it didn’t keep me awake at night. Didn’t associate it with the jab at the time.
    Had the second Astra jab 10th May, since then the ringing is far worse and is constant and stopping me from sleeping.
    Just hope it will go away or I will be suicidal!

  42. Pfizer 9 days ago and only started today. High pitched like an old modem ringing in my right ear. Driving me absolutely mad. Really hope it will go away soon.

  43. Further to my above post 15th May 6.06pm, I have spoken to an Audiologist I had seen previously, and told him about the tinnitus, mainly to ask if he had heard anything about this, which he hadn’t unfortunately.
    He asked if I suffered with my sinuses normally, which I do, and I also mentioned that I was also getting intermittent earache.
    He seemed to think the problem was with pressure in the inner ear, which can be caused by colds and flu – the vaccines are said to cause flu like symptoms. I had the flu like symptoms after the first jab, but not the second.
    He said to do what you would do if you had a cold -over the counter tablets, decongestants, inhalation.
    So hopefully will try this and see if it helps.

  44. I’ve had the same experience and still suffering quite a lot from Tinnitus. Got Pfizer BioNTech dose 1 in mid January, dose 2 in late February. My tinnitus ramped up in the first 2 weeks after dose 1, then stabilized and slowly improved ~50% over the next month. There was no literature on tinnitus and the vaccine, so I convinced myself they weren;t related and went for dose #2. Then the tinnitus got very bad peaking about 2 weerks after dose 2. It was so loud I couldnt concentrate and had brain fog and depression. That was about 10 weeks ago. Still suffering constant tinnitus but the intensity is reducing and I can function normally again. using some iPhone apps and habituation & neuromodulation tracks to help. It seemed like a real vaccine related effect to me..

    • Hi Rodger,
      Same problem. Tinnnitus occured to me after 20 days of first dose. Have you taken any medicines ?

  45. 1st shot Moderna 5/11. Pins and needles numbness that transitioned all over. 4 days after the shot the tingling and numbness went to the inside if my mouth. Felt like coming out of dental shots. That calmed after about 2 hours but I was left with hissing and a very high pitched ringing in both ears. I have asked my Doc for a referral to an ENT. I am very concerned this new tinnitus will get worse with 2nd vaccine. What a terrible place to get stuck. I really want my 2nd vaccine.

  46. After my second moderna vaccination my hearing has greatly diminished . I was wearing a hearing aid before but now it does not seem to help much .The only thing I can figure out is that after I received my second shot is that this is somehow the culprit . My audiologist is now recommending a cochlear implant . My hearing was impaired before my second shot but now it is scary Would NOT have had my shot if I knew this might happen .

  47. I received the first AZ jab six days ago and within a day I had ear blockage and faint ringing on my left side.

    Although some cold/flu symptoms in the first 24 hours have subsided the blockage and ringing persist.

    I was reluctant to take this particular vaccine due to the clotting risks. I hadn’t heard of any associated EAR related side effects.

    Best wishes for all who are suffering from the vaccines.

    Patrick (Melbourne, Victoria)

  48. Same here. 64 years old. Never had Tinnitus in my life. I haven’t had Covid 19, but I have had two Astra Zennica doses; March and May. It could be coincidence but after reading above I am concerned…

  49. I have had 2 Astra Zeneca vaccinations. I have for a long time had a hissing tinnitus sound in my left ear, but now after the second jab I have what sounds like a motor running in my right ear. I even asked my neighbours if they were running a dehumidifier through the night. It was so loud, I used ear plugs to try to get to sleep. I now realise that the engine sound pulses at the same rate as my heart. It may be a coincidence that this new noise occurred after my second jab, but whether it is or not, it is driving me mad.

  50. Hi, further to my second post of 18th May, I have tried inhaling menthol in water for a week, didn’t work. Am using a nose spray for hay fever anyway, but no help for the tinnitus.
    Went to my GP, she looked in my ears and said I don’t have an infection, but in the worse ear for tinnitus she said I have fluid in the inner ear. She gave me some anti histamine tablets, taking one at night for a week but no change at moment .Said to come back in a month if no better and will refer me to ENT. Though how long a wait that will be God only knows! Was reading on the Facebook page that has been set up for people who have got tinnitus after the Covid jab, about 2,700 members at the moment, and someone said that they had been to an ENT and they said that everyone they had seen that day had been referred due to problems after the Covid jab. I have reported the side effect on the Yellow Card scheme, everyone needs to do this so that they know this is happening!

  51. Have not linked the vaccination to the ringing in my ears until now and I came across this thread! But this makes sense. It started in both ears about 8 weeks ago, can be heard over the normal radio and TV volume as of yet is not reduced , seen Drs ears are clear of wax etc , decided against second vacation for the moment.

  52. I developed terrible tinnitus 10 days after my second Pfizer jab it was like a high pitched torture, it lasted for nearly 2 weeks and took all my mental strength to cope with it. Now after another 2 weeks its a really loud hissing noise but sometimes alternates with the high pitched noise, it’s driving me crazy.

    I’m on sleeping tablets to cope with the nighttime and waiting to be seen at ENT. I have reported it to the yellow card scheme.

  53. I’ve had the same as all above . I’m 35 had aztra on 13th April , ten days after suffered with head , ear a sinuses pressure ! It’s been dreadful time! I can’t lay flat or on my front as the pressure builds up so bad I feel my head wants to explode . I’ve had blood test and a ct scan but all clear . I’ve been given amitriptyline 25mg to help me sleep but after two week on that it’s not working as well . The ear crackling is all day almost like a bowl of Rice Krispies constantly going off . I’ve noticed the pressure in my head side temples and behind my nose gets worse when my ears can’t pop . I’m now starting acupuncture to see if it helps .I’m due 2vaccine on Monday , I was advised by neurologist not to have Astra as second . I called the doctors Monday last week for advise as I have not heard at all from them since my hospital visit . , I can’t get a call back from a doctor until Wednesday next week! I’ve decided not to go for second vaccine now until I feel better ! It’s ruined 2 months of feel terrible with two small children ! So frustrated as it seems like all professionals have no answe .

  54. Same here, AZ about two weeks ago then ringing in my ears a few days later. Calling the doctor today. they are talking about a booster in autumn! NO THANKS!!!!!!

  55. I had mild tinnitus 2 weeks after my first AZ jab. I had ear pain the day of the vaccine but that passed quickly. I went to my GP, had my ears checked and consulted an ENT specialist. My hearing seems fine. I wasn’t sure whether to have the 2nd jab but I did and my tinnitus got much worse. I have never had it in my life. Its definitely the vaccine that caused it even though doctors are reluctant to say it and don’t quite know how to advise.
    Looking into all the research and I suspect its a neuroinflammation or inflammation of the auditory cortex. The immune system has gone into overdrive causing inflammation. That might explain the link between Covid-19 and tinnitus. Considering steroids though the ENT wasn’t sure they would work and warned me about the side effects. Looking into other ways (more natural) to reduce the inflammation, cytokine suppress could be one of them, but I haven’t tried yet.

  56. I knew that if exposed to loud noises I’d experienced so have remained tinnitus-free for many years by avoiding loud noises. Since having my second Astra Zeneca Jab I’ve experience tinnitus far worse than ever before. I was hesitant about having the jab in the first place and only had it because I thought it would help me to travel – I haven’t seen my partner in over a year. So far as I can tell the Astra-Zeneca has not been subjected to the same amount of testing as other vaccines. I live in the UK where it’s been rolled out big-time, other countries have been more sceptical about it, with good reason I’d suggest.

  57. Hi
    Siva from india. Had a 1st covieshield jab yesterday morning and at next day, felt that right ear was blocked. After come across this, looks it is the side effects of vaccination.
    Hope Medical Team would provide solution for this.

  58. I had the J&J vaccine in March 2021. No issues. Think I have contracted covid now. Will be going for my test tomorrow. But the high pitch ringing is driving me insane in both ears. I have to constantly “decompress” my ears. Can’t hear properly! This started on my second day of symptoms! After reading this I’m super sure that I do have covid!

  59. I had my second Pfizer shot in March and a day later tinnitus, intense ear canal pressure, and hearing loss started.
    My quality of life is totally diminished and the thought of a booster third shot is terrifying.
    Undoubtedly there are thousands more unreported cases of severe ear problems after vaccination, since it is not easy to report these symptoms if you are not computer savvy. Most people just suffer and don’t know that their input is essential to researchers who possibly could develop vaccines without these hideous side effects.

  60. Why is this not being highlighted as a common side effect? Labyrinthitis. Articles try to explain it away with stress related tinnitus. I have it too and many people in my area have it. In Ireland it should be reported to the Who have you reported this too?

  61. received moderna 1st dose yesterday at noon i suffer from mild tinnitus which by midnight last night got 3 fold louder i 100%will not be receiving a second dose of any covid vaccine . especially when health care providers are questioning if it was the vaccine while every single one of use are reporting the same exact symptoms and timelines the correlation is astounding …

  62. Two days after 2nd Pfizer vaccination I suffered hearing loss, popping in my ears, pressure in my head and brain fog. It was very disturbing, spoke to GP on phone who said it could be due to vaccination. I lived with it and after a month suddenly went back to normal and now fine. In retrospect a small price to pay to be covered against getting COVID19

  63. Loud ringing in my left ear and stuffiness in my left ear–shot in my left arm. Ear stuffed up, somewhat swollen for a couple of weeks. Had to have everything said to me–repeated. Never before had any ear problems. Very distressing. The ringing is subsiding somewhat tonight–after two weeks. What a relief.

  64. I received Moderna vaccine, the second one beginning of February. My head started buzzing and a high pitch noise developed. I didn’t think about the vaccine causing this until I went to a ENT specialist recently and he asked when this started. It’s so bad that I can’t work. It screams in my head constantly and I’ve tried white noise and that only makes it get louder. I’ve never had any health problems till this. Now I am having a hard time supporting my family since it’s so bad I can’t stand it.

  65. I had my first AstraZeneca jab in January. I started with ringing in my ears the same Day! I have had it eversince! I mentioned it when I had my 2nd jab beginning of April. It is Constant and very Loud!! Does my head in!! That’s Why I am sat up at “silly O’clock” writing these comments!!

  66. My wife has been complaining of a constant buzzing (ringing?) in both ears. It started 4 days after the Pfizer’s vaccine (1º dose) and it remains bothering her ever since. She says it has been almost unbearable to live with this constant humming inside her head!

  67. About a week after my 2nd jab of Moderna, tinnitus started. Never had any ear problems before. I work in IT (OS development) and it’s hard for me – I really need silence for work and now that’s gone. Oh my. I really hope and pray tinnitus will go away.
    But what if not? Can’t live with that… ‘will call my GP, but as I read above I really doubt he could help…
    Greetings from Slovenia.

  68. 7 days after my first Astra zenica injection, I suddenly had one ear tinnitus, I never had tinnitus before, very healthy. Now it’s 5 weeks after my fist shot, my left ear develop non-stop tinnitus, and loss some of hearing (4k-8K, 70db). It’s very sad, my doctor said it’s going to be permanent. And it drives me crazy, cannot work at all. I really hope it never happen to me, this is changing my entire life. If there is any suggestion, or advice to alleviate this, please let me know, highly appreciated!

    • in most of the cases is not permanent. Ask your ENT about steroids treatment (dexamethasone or Prednisone).. i have read cases when people got better or got rid of tinnitus with it. There is hope, you are not alone [there are thousands of us with tinnitus from vaccine or covid infection and many others that will come in the future. For sure they have to invent a cure if the pandemic will not stop]

  69. I had Covid and no vaccination. I developed tinnitus- a loud ringing in my ears most noticeable in the evening. I also noticed that I don’t have any ear wax anymore, which seems odd. I never had too much, but I did have some each day. I also have trouble hearing as well as I could. My doctor looked into my ears and said they look normal. That it may be something in my inner ear. I am not losing quality of life, but it is a bit annoying.

  70. I am experiencing ear problems after my 2nd Pfizer shot 3 days ago. One if not both have been clogged all day. I am also 9.5 months pregnant and due on Friday! A little nervous about this and hoping it goes away.

  71. I had covid in December 2020 and I think I am suffering with long covid, it started in June 2021 I became very fatigue, dizzy, brain fog, panic attacks and now October 2021 my ears have started to ring. I have not had my vaccine

  72. Los que desarrollaron tinnitus después de la vacuna. Lamento informarles que no va a desaparecer hasta que la ciencia encuentre un tratamiento para el tinnitus. Ya que hasta ahora no hay ningún fármaco aprobado por el FDA que reduce la intensidad de los zumbidos. Así que sean fuertes y manténgase calmados.

  73. Hi
    I have a similar problem to you.

    On October 2, I received the first dose of Sinofarm vaccine, and exactly one hour after the injection, I had a ringing in my head.
    Tomorrow is the fifth day of this complication.

    I had never experienced anything like this before

    I do not inject the second dose at all

    Please let me know here if the noise inside your head stops so that others know how long it will take for this complication to end?

  74. Further to my last post of June 13, I still have tinnitus 6 months later.
    Spoke to ENT doctor on the phone – not much help, he couldn’t exactly look in my ears to see if I had fluid.
    Would not admit the tinnitus/hearing loss was caused by the vaccine, tried to say that I was already having hearing loss which was made worse by the vaccine – but I had no problems with my hearing before the vaccine.
    Suggested it could be Eustachian Tube disfunction, which looking at one site several people had reported as a side effect after the vaccine, he prescribed Flixonase Nasule drops which you have to put up your nose while lying upside down, every night for a month.
    So I am giving that a go,2nd week in but no change at moment, apart from a sore throat as it runs down your throat afterwards!
    If that doesn’t work I am looking at how to relieve pressure in the inner ears, will update when/if anything works!

  75. I had Phizer vaccine first dose three weeks ago. Left arm. At 12:45pm. I did not develop the promised sore arm one would expect from an intramuscular injection… so whether the dose went into my bloodstream? It die feels like something is not right since the ‘jab’ and no turning the clock back on my choice to get a dose… unfortunately, I might have made myself a sad statistic of a ‘rare and unexpected side effect’, of which I have not found an easy way to fix the situation I now find myself in… along with thousands of others it seems who have more ore less the same story. Too common to be coincidental. It did not take long at all to develop sudden onset tinnitus at 4pm on the same day. An intense roaring, plus what felt like a head full of cicadas. As well, the area above my left ear, and my left cheek bone to my nose, below my ear to my left shoulder … the whole quarter of my face… anywhere I touched exasperated the noise ( while the right side of my face did not). I could not get to sleep or stay asleep and I just hoped it would go away. Then three days later I saw my GP and she prescribed an oral steroid for 10 days. I could only do a week on that. I downloaded apps for coping with tinnitus and white noise etc… but I had to cancel the second dose due today. I can’t imagine a worse state of noise in my head and simply can’t risk it. But I have to say that the noise intensity has become a little less, in that I don’t feel the wrath 24/7. I think I am getting used to it… but then the slightest stress brings the volume back up to November 4th again. And it gets to a frightening level, wakes me from sleep… I have to open the windows to let noise in to mask it. As I write this, the tinnitus is loader than waves crashing on the shore. I went to an audiologist and she tested my hearing ( a week ago) she measured tinnitus in my left ear as that of a refrigerator and the right ear a ‘ quiet library’. Except in my library, the Covid librarian keeps on going “SHhhssssssSH!!!!

  76. Further to my last post of 31/10,I have had 2 months of the nasule nose drops, but they haven’t done anything.
    I had been pondering whether to get the booster jab, but figured if the last one wears off I could get Covid anyway, which might be worse. So I went ahead with it, used my steroid nasal spray before hand, and fortunately the tinnitus was no worse afterwards. It was the Pfizer one.
    I was also booked in to see a Hearing Therapist, another complete waste of time.She wanted to see me in person, but could easily have done it on the phone. All she could talk about was some ways to mask the tinnitus, which I had already read on the internet.
    So no better,7 months on, still keeping me awake all night.

  77. Now June 2022, and I’ve had pronounced tinnitus , more noticeable in my left ear ever since the booster jab last year .. and I work in the field of acoustics for a living.
    If I let it get the better of me it does play on the mind so I just have to keep busy .
    The first two jabs were AZ . Because I’m categorised as vulnerable ( had cancer a few years ago) , I was offered the booster… little did I know then ..
    A school mate in Bournemouth has exactly the same symptom.

  78. My last post was 26/12/21.
    Still have tinnitus keeping me awake every night,–for the last 18 months. Haven’t found anything to help it.
    Has anyone had the new Moderna booster jab which also has a strain of Omicron in it.
    I keep getting asked to book in for it, but worried in case it makes the tinnitus worse.
    Thinking of not having it. What do other people think?


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