Scientists reveal that tinnitus is possible COVID-19 symptom  

tinnitus covid-19 symptom, covid vaccine
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The University of Manchester found that tinnitus could be a COVID-19 symptom – some patients of the virus are reporting a loss in hearing and ringing of the ears

Recently, individuals have been raising concerns about hearing loss as a side effect of the COVID vaccine. There is no evidence in clinical trials or real-world data that this is a problem caused by taking the vaccine – but when it comes to COVID itself, a new story is emerging.

Professor Bin Cao, National Center for Respiratory Medicine and researcher on long COVID, explained: “Because COVID-19 is such a new disease, we are only beginning to understand some of its long-term effects on patients’ health.”

Now, scientists in Manchester are unearthing connections between patients of COVID and tinnitus.

A long-time tinnitus sufferer explained their experience as generally painless, but said that it “impairs your hearing” and can be “irritating when it happens”.

Tinnitus is medically described as a ringing in the ears, but it also can sound like roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing. This can be loud or soft, high or low pitched and could impact both ears.

Viruses ‘can cause hearing loss’, says researcher

Kevin Munro, Professor of Audiology at The University of Manchester and Manchester BRC Hearing Health Lead, commented: “There is an urgent need for a carefully conducted clinical and diagnostic study to understand the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the auditory system.

“It is also well-known that viruses such as measles, mumps and meningitis can cause hearing loss; little is understood about the auditory effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.”

The NHS has included tinnitus in a list of long COVID symptoms, alongside problems with memory and depression.

‘The evidence base is growing’

Professor Kevin Munro and PhD researcher Ibrahim Almufarrij looked at 56 studies that linked COVID-19 to auditory problems, like loss of hearing and ringing in the ears.

They found that 7.6% of COVID patients experienced hearing loss, while 14.8% of them experienced tinnitus. A further 7.2% experienced vertigo, a loss of balance which occurs in people with ear damage.

In a separate study, Professor Munro found that over 13% of patients who were discharged from a hospital reported a change in their hearing. The team are conducting a long one-year study to further explore the link between COVID and ear damage.

Researcher Ibrahim Almufarrij explained: “Though the evidence is of varying quality, more and more studies are being carried out so the evidence base is growing. What we really need are studies that compare COVID-19 cases with controls, such as patients admitted to hospital with other health conditions.

“Though caution needs to be taken, we hope this study will add to the weight of scientific evidence that there is a strong association between Covid-19 and hearing problems.”


  1. I developed tinnitus a day after having the first Astrazeneca jab. I didn’t have tinnitus or covid before. In another thread several other people posted a similar experience.

    • yes I also developed a hissing tinnitus sound 3 days after AZ vaccine, never had this before. It is mild enough when other noises are present but when there is silence it is more noticeable…

    • about 4 hours after getting my first Pfizer shot ,my head started to feel as my ears needed to pop. There is pressure in my ears causing a constant motor running sound. When I walk I can hear my feet hit the ground and when I talk I can hear it from inside causing it difficult to hear other or to focus. I have never had ear problem in my life.

  2. Petunia29e I also developed tinnitus immediately following first shot of Moderna..along with extreme fatigue lasting two weeks, diarrhea one day, Tinnitus, nasty, still hanging in there….

  3. had vaccine with wife on on Saturday.

    Now her and myself have ringing in the ears Y=Tinnitus and its getting worse.

    Never had in my life before!.

  4. I’m having the same problem I had my 1st astrazeneca vaccine on the 25th Feb and have had tinnitus every since it so annoying I’ve never had it before or any other hearing problems

  5. 65 year old male from the steel city. 1st shot moderna 17 days ago. got a hissing day after. wasnt as bad today, but im putting off my second shot. Scared it will intensify it. I think there is a lot more cases due to under reporting. I will return to this site and let you no my status. I posted on another site like this one Drug discovery , I think is the name. Good luck to all and be safe. God bless . Steve in Pgh,Pa.

  6. I took vaccination for covid and now theerebis ringing in the ears as well as echo mof every sound ( unbearable).
    Why is it so ? What could I do ?

  7. I had my first injection of Astrazeneca on 10th Feb 2021 and on 7th March 2021 I woke up with hearing loss and increased tinnitus in my right ear. I am waiting for ENT hospital visit.

  8. I have hissing in ear and had one shot if miderna and 21/2 weeks after shot got this loud sound when like crystal hittin together. I am afraid to get second shot

  9. I had my first Astra Zeneca Vaccine 4 days ago and the ringing in ears is something that’s also affecting me. Never something I have suffered with previously.

  10. My Tinnitus volume has increased post Aztrazeneca vaccine. I very unsure as to whether I will have the second jab. If its the case that a Covid jab is essential every year their will be an expodental rise in tinnitus. Research into tinnitus is grossly underfunded so perhaps this potential side effect of both the virus and vaccine will prompt the UK and USA gov to adequately fund research.

  11. I got tinnitus a day after my first astra zeneca vaccine. Never had it before and now it’s so intrusive it’s affecting the quality of my life and my well being. I may never enjoy silence again. I could care less it affects statistically very few people. It affects me and others and we may well have to live with the consequences of this jab for the rest of our lives. I would rather have take my chances with Covid.

  12. 5 days after 1st AstraZeneca vaccine I stared having an intermittent feeling of blockage in one ear. Now, 10 days later I only have approx 80% hearing in that ear and developed tinnitus, which I’ve never suffered from before.

  13. I had my 2nd Moderna vaccine on March 29th. At 5pm, I got tired and had to lay down. By the next morning, I was running a fever and was dizzy. Nausea. I managed to work as I work from home. I went to bed by 6:30, slept until 6:00 Wednesday morning. More of the same. By yesterday afternoon, I had some dizziness but not constant, and went to bed at 8:00. Slept til 6:00 am. No fever. The worst tinnitus And I don’t usually have ringing in the ear.. I’m very active. I had to cancel my entire week due to side effects which I’m cautious to report. Don’t want anyone to not get the vaccine.

  14. I got the Pfizer vaccine and within a few hours it felt as though there was a blockage in my left ear, same side I got my vaccine on. My face felt very hot and left side of face was sore. After blockage cleared ringing in ear started. It felt like after a few days it got better but I woke up last night with it worse and couldn’t get back to sleep. Has anyone gotten their vaccine a while ago and had the ringing get better?? I am scared to get my second shot next week. I really want my hearing back to normal 🙁

  15. I received my second dose of Pfizer 9 days ago. I suffered a fever the first and second night, chills, body aches, but the only thing that has not gone away is the ringing in my ears. I’ve always had very good hearing and I noticed the ringing about 40 hours after my second shot. The ringing has remained fairly constant and consistent. At night, when it’s quiet, is when it’s the worst and is when it’s most noticeable. During the day it’s not as noticeable. I have been suffering from seasonal allergies as well, so maybe it’s all contributing, but it seems like no coincidence that I developed ringing less than 48 hours after the vaccine. I’ve had the ringing for roughly one week now. Has anyone had the ringing, after the second dose, and had it go away? Please let us know. It is a bit concerning.

  16. I am 2 weeks after my second Pfizer shot and the ringing in the ears started about 1 day after the second shot. It has not gotten any better very worried this will be permanent. Has it gone away for anyone?

  17. It’s almost 3 in the morning yet again I can’t sleep the noise in my head is so loud I do takes pill if and when I need it for the ringing but this hasn’t stopped in over 2weeks it’s never been so bad and my right ear has now started to pain me I had one vaccine due my next one in late may really don’t know what to do no point in even asking my GP she will just say have it right now I don’t want it but it’s all so worrying who are we supposed to believe in I also had pain heat in my calfs had a blood test levels raised was on blood thinners for 4days then had an ultrasound I was ok but the vaccine Did raise my levels

  18. I have rare sounds in my ears and my head.I am a post covid long-hauler ana I had my first AZ jab the 11th of March 2021.I do not know if it is due to covid or AZ jab.The question is that this issue is unstandable and its o is accompanied by a headache and dizziness.

  19. 2 days after my 1st Pfizer covid shot on left arm my ears got plugged. I took the shot in left arm and my left ear got clogged worse than the right and have ringing in my left ear. Got my second shot didn’t seem to effect the symptoms I all ready had. Going to ENT specialist as it’s been 4 weeks now. I am now taking prednisone as it has shown to stop the ringing.

    • Hi Steve,
      Have you seen any improvement? I’m going to an ENT tomorrow. I haven’t slept in days. This is so frustrating.

  20. I had the Pfizer covid 19 vaccine 2nd shot on March 23rd. Approximately 7 days later I started having hearing loss and ringing in both ears. I thought it was wax build up but not in both ears at the same time. Is there anything I can do to help with this issue?

  21. Had the Astra Zeneca jab 2 weeks ago and my my hearing went yesterday afternoon, felt like being under water. Very disconcerting. Back to normal today.

  22. A message from The Netherlands –

    I was (very likely) infected with Covid in March 2020 – suffered severe dry coughing (as if I were choking) for approximately 3 months – then had severe intestinal pain and partial blockage for stool – and then from September 2020 the tinnitus (hizzing) started – and still is not over … (actually got slightly worse last month) together with feeling of some kind of blockage in the right ear …

    Still no clue how to resolve this – iron deficiency might be a cause – or some kind of infection without fever as over- or autoimmune reaction by my immune system (above I read someone was treated with prednisone and the symptoms disappeared?) – a small blood cloth maybe?

  23. 22 days after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine I woke up with a nearly dead left ear. Ringing and most frequencies gone. A week later nothing has changed. I’ve had temporary partial hearing loss from painkillers years ago, it came back in a few days. It was like a crackle, I could still hear. This time there is no reason and it is much worse. Had I known this I probably wouldn’t have got the shot. So the vaccine is being suspended because 6 women got blood clots, but now I’m reading hundreds of reports of tinnitus and hearing loss and nobody has said a word?

  24. Interesting, I was given the AZ vaccine on the 8th February, within a few days my existing tinnitus increased substantially and has remained so ever since. I have just been given the date of my second jab which is on Friday 16th April….worried to say the least. 63 year old male.


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