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According to numerous research, there’s one thing that’s frequently listed as a top perk for workers and that’s workplace training. Here, we’ll look at why workplace training is key to your businesses’ success

If you want your business to succeed, it’s crucial you give your employees what they want. Your employees are the backbone of the business, so keeping them satisfied is key to ensuring it runs smoothly.

Helping to retain your workforce

One of the biggest benefits of providing workplace training is that it really helps to retain your employees. Companies such as instantprint are researching employee retention in order to maintain a happy and thriving workforce. It discovered training came out as one of the most requested perks employees want in the workplace.

When you have a high turnover of staff, it isn’t just disruptive for the business, it’s also costly. You need to spend a lot of time and money training new employees up, only to watch them leave and start the process again. By providing workplace training, you’ll reduce employee turnover, in turn saving your business money.

Benefits for both the business and employees

By offering workplace training, you won’t just be keeping your employees happy, you’ll also be benefitting your business too.

When your employees are well trained, their productivity, as well as their quality of work, is going to increase. This is going to keep your clients and customers happy, as well as ensure more work gets done within each working day. It also boosts morale and motivation, making your employees a lot more eager to do great work for the business.

Other benefits to the business include the fact that you’ll be gaining a competitive edge over your current competitors. This also means when it comes to attracting new talent, candidates will be more likely to choose to work for you than your competitors. In business, anything which helps you stand out from the competition is beneficial.

For your employees, workplace training enables them to learn new skills and progress in their career. It also delivers a lot more confidence, helping them to carry out their job role much more confidently. It increases job satisfaction, making them loyal to the company and reducing employee turnover. There really are so many benefits to both you and your employees.

What types of training do employees want?

So, you know why workplace training is important and the benefits it can deliver. The question is, what type of training should you be providing?

According to recent research, employees largely want training which is personalised to them. They want it to help them achieve their personal goals, so training which focuses on skills development is key. Offering tailored personal development plans for each member of staff will, therefore, help to set you apart from your competitors and deliver what your employees want.

Equally as important, is how the training is actually delivered. In the study, 43% of employees claimed they preferred on the job training, with 25% preferring coach-led training and 15% favouring e-learning.

As well as focusing on providing training to keep your employees happy, it’s also important to provide mandatory training. This includes health and safety training which is crucial in the workplace.

As you can see, workplace training plays an important role in the success of your business. It benefits both you and your employees. If you haven’t yet introduced training into the workplace, then now is definitely the time to do so. Remember, employees are looking for a mixture of personal development and mandatory training opportunities.


  1. It’s nice that you talked about how productivity as well as the quality of work would increase when employees are well-trained. I was skimming through a company management guide earlier and I saw one item that talked about the importance of training. From what I’ve gathered, it seems there are firms nowadays that offer workplace training services, which sounds very useful for companies that need them.


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