Government announces improvements to the Accelerated Access Collaborative

Accelerated Access Collaborative
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Department of Health and Social Care announces improvements to the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) that will put the most promising medicines, diagnostic tools and digital services through clinical development and regulatory processes faster

The AAC was set up last year to speed up the time it takes for patients to benefit from ground-breaking products for a variety of conditions. The organisation has selected and supported the used of ‘rapid uptake products’ in the NHS.

Two leaders in the innovative Medical Technology field for treatment and diagnostic tools for both physical and mental health

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical, comments:

“This is great news for patients and fantastic to see that the Government and NHS are moving to embrace new technologies and innovations. For one of the UK’s most important institutions it is of the utmost importance that future-facing tech is incorporated to combat the significant challenges it will face in the next decade both in treatment and diagnosis.

Innovations such as our NBT technology allows for far more accurate lung cancer diagnosis through the biomarker profile of an individual’s breath. The technology allows for a very low rate of false positives and misdiagnosis, at a far lower cost both in terms of time and money, with real-time diagnosis within 10 minutes. It would be great to see breakthroughs such as this ultimately helping patients.”

Dr. Leigh Neal, Psychiatrist and Medical Director of Smart TMS, said:

“The NHS is one of our longest standing institutions and it is fantastic to see that they are investing time and money into new technological advancements. We are keen to build relations with the NHS to allow TMS to be available to the wider population. As mental illnesses cost the UK economy £94 billion annually and with a fifth of adults having shown symptoms of depression, new innovative treatments for mental conditions could not only benefit those personally suffering, but also the wider economy as a whole.”


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