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Offshore wind farming in Taiwan

Dr Song GwoShyh from MMA Global Aqua Co. Ltd. discusses his company’s role in offshore wind farming in Taiwan and their ambitions for the...

Calorimetric studies and safety tests on lithion-ion cells and post-lithium cells

Open Access Government interviews Dr Carlos Ziebert from KIT on the thermal and safety properties of batteries across calorimetric studies.
Figure : Joint European Torus (JET), credit UKAEA

Materials for fusion reactors: Containing a star on Earth

Experimental metallurgy research: Structural materials to withstand the extreme temperatures inside nuclear fusion reactors.
green energy lead batteries

Cutting-edge research is taking lead batteries to the next level

Here, the Consortium for Battery Innovation argues that cutting-edge research is taking lead batteries to the next level.

Pay-for-Performance schemes to trigger energy efficiency investments

Filippos Anagnostopoulos, Senior Associate for the Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP), discusses the role of Pay-for-Performance schemes to increase the scale and effectiveness of energy efficiency financing.

InDEStruct: engineering advanced heat transfer systems

Open Access Government interviews members of the team of the InDEStruct project, a Horizon 2020 project which works toward inter-disciplinary design approaches for advanced heat transfer systems.
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Sustainable urban systems and just FEW nexus transitions

Jana Fried, Adina Paytan and Waste FEW ULL project participants look at lessons from the Waste FEW ULL project for reducing waste and increasing efficiency in the FEW nexus.

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